Weeekeeeend END.


Soooooo. Was gonna do stuff with man friend, but turns out he had prior engagements and will for the next 2 weeks. We had planned that we could meet up and go meet my mom at work while I waited for the parade in our neighborhood to be over. Maybe it was for the better because my mom would certainly not have reacted well. I already warned him but still. Instead I got my tires mounted as planned and wandered around target for a while before heading back just as the parade was over. SCORE. WITH Chickfila. yesss.

My tires are AWESOME. I am so glad I dropped moola on them because the ride is great. It’s quieter, more grippy, no more helicopter noises, the bumps are less noticeable, and my acceleration is great. Not to mention I feel like maybe it’s taller? I dunno. But the guys at the new car place (2nd time now) seemed to approve of my choice. Let’s see how long it lasts with my special driving technique. Can’t believe how much of an improvement good tires can make. I mean, I can hear my engine now! lol.

Greyhound friend made me really mad this weekend. So I blew up at him and then we sort of made up and apologized and now he’s scared to text me. Sigh. Well he IS infuriating. Oh well. What it did tho was make it so that AG and I became clear on our own relationship. We agreed that it’s going in the direction it’s going naturally and we won’t force it any way or another. I really like him as a friend right now and he feels the same way. My feelings on keeping the water clear were made, well, clear to him and I hope that he does the same for me. I’m tired of mud and not knowing if someone’s joking about something or not. That part of me is too fragile to joke on. Stupid. He’s sounding more and more like the personality I would like. Take it easy and slower and if it moves that way, wonderful, if not then I and he have no problems just staying friends. His words himself too.

No matter how ppl have told me that guys and girls can not be just friends (and while I’m beginning to see why), I still want to believe it’s possible. Why not??? Sigh.

Anyhoos birthday eaterings yesterday was great! My mom is off today and so is my brother. I was originally going to ask off, but I realized I need to get paid. Happy bday to my sister, mom and my baby girl. :)


3 thoughts on “Weeekeeeend END.

  1. Hey! Aowam, sorry to sound like the biggest creep you will ever meet… but… here it goes… So I originally saw you on a Catholic website for um… dating. *sigh* Anyway as creepy as this sounds already, I don’t think you have checked on said website for a very long time and I really wanted to contact you somehow…. If it doesnt sound weird enough already, I hope you believe me when I say that i’m not a stalker, and I feel like God had a plan for me and i wanted to be able to (at least) chat with you before you judge me for blowing up your spot on your wordpress. I totally know I’m a stranger, but I’ve tried contacting you for a few months on said website until I just searched aowam out of sheer curiosity and found this…. >_> So, yeah please dont judge me as a stalker or something… I genuinely feel like we have a lot in common and really just wanted a chance to speak, it’s hard to find people in the world that I feel I can identify with… My name is Andrew by the way – and hey no pressure, I dont have intentions for us to go out or anything like that or even remaining in touch if you decide. But yeah, just hoping to at least have a chat with you, I do believe you are a great person and have an amazing faith in God. I hope you know that I feel extremely nervous leaving you all this randomly, but I hope that you can empathize a bit. (u_u) You can Gmail me at Rainwalker1060@gmail or facebook me here: https://www.facebook.com/andrew.morales48. I hope to hear from you if you are not freaked out by now. :(
    God Bless,


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