Yaaaaaaaay productivity weekend!!

I was RARING to go this weekend!

Saturday saw me getting all gungho about finally fixing the caulk around the windows. So while I was out there trying to get all that done, I went and drove by the house I really liked in Manassas, bought an orbital sander and wandered around in Lowe’s (THE BEST STORE EVAR) buying caulk. Came home and set myself to the task of stripping the already peeling paint and failing caulk in my mom’s room…4 hours later I was mostly finished with one window. Too tired to continue and in need of a different colored caulk, I called it quits. My buns were complaining of squatting and hanging out the window all morning (great weather btw), so I bounced onto the couch because I was tired. Ate some snacks and watched some Cops and decided that I didn’t want to play video games after all (I had it turned on, but never did manage to play anything). The excitement for the next day and the knowledge that someone is coming in/over had me go ahead and go on a cleaning spree. Oh, yeah, I had cleaned up the bathroom a bit that morning too. Fluff was picked up, clutter moved around, putting everything back in its places and stacking all the recycle. Ran outside to even tidy up out there. Never did manage to vacuum but I was satisfied and got back on the couch before my mom came home. Come to think of it, my room is still disaster.

Couldn’t sleep for long at all from sheer excitement and worry. AND THEN WE WERE OFF. The 3 hours it took to get there did not feel like it at all for me. The view was gorgeous and it was nice to be in the presence of someone I felt so comfortable with. I compared it to last year going to Old Rag with Jon and how long that trip felt even if it was half the length of this one. 1.7 miles up. Parking was super crowded and I really had to pee but the bathroom was experience was something I refuse to experience again if at all possible. The porter potties from Old Rag are much more preferable. Beautiful waterfalls cascading down the mountainside. Stairs. Rocks. Mud. Dirt. Trees. Leaves. Scenery. People. Dogs. And no wildlife. Except one little bug at the summit. Is that even possible? But I made it to the summit!!!!!! And there was no fog!!! Sore muscles and I’d hit cardio fatigue twice. Once halfway where we had to stop and again when we were almost there. Slogged through that one and it paid off!! After lunch and sunshine and the amazing views we headed back down at double the pace of going up. I had to create an incident by slipping down after standing on some rocks like signs repeatedly warned us not to do, and sported my muddy jeans trophy for the rest of the trip. All I have to say is: Bigfoot. 2 hours up, 1 hour down. Heading back, we stopped by a local apple/pumpkin farm and bought some AMAZING apple juice. 3 hours later we arrived back and my muscles finally started to be very sore.


In retrospect, what a fantastic trip. Perfect weather, good crowd, fantastic company. And thank goodness my car held together. The mountain type driving of gas/brake/gas/brake/gas/brake made me verrrrry worried. And the best part? I kept my road rage under control!!! Good thing for inability to multitask!!

I am now able to go to work and make money so that I won’t be so broke. :)


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