Fairy Tales

I gotta admit: I love fairy tales. I really do, and subsequently I LOVE parodies or spinoffs or anything involving them. There was a book series that would be based loosely off fairly tales an I loved them!!!! I’m pretty sure it has something to do with all the books I used to read as a little kid and also Disney. I blame it all on Disney. THis is why games like Kingdom Hearts and subsequently crossover video games in general are high on my “great” list.

I have kept a few of my favorite children’s books and just recently I’ve decided to grab, as bathroom fodder, one of the two books that were by far my favorite. Two anthologies of stories: “5-Minute Stories” and “3-Minute Stories.” You could tell how loved they were/are because the binding is ripped up and very well used. From the title you can tell they were made with children in mind learning how to read and split up into snatches that are expected to take 5 or 3 minutes each to read. The books themselves are mostly text, but also sport line drawings in each story. Given my esteem for the stories themselves, without a doubt more attention was paid in the beginning to the pictures instead. Looking upon them now the drawings are still very visually appealing and I remember thinking about how I could draw like that. Inspired not only by the reading and storyline (each of which were read enough to ingrain my mind) but by the colorless illustrations which you could make an argument to say that it’s better than colored drawings in that it forces more imagination. Plus it can be printed more cheaply.

Similarly, I dislike movies in favor or books and video games for the lack of brain function. Don’t get me wrong, a good movie is a good movie, but to me, movies are brain-boring. Video games are interactive books (yes I know the story line can be set, but you’re working through puzzles yourself and it puts you in that player seat. That’s why the decision heavy games like Mass Effect is so attractive. It’s also why I’m a story-heavy gamer), and books are, well, books. I’ve found that I tend to like the black and white un-colored comics/manga because it allows me more mind play.

Awwwwwww time’s up! Why don’t I do this more at night or weekends when I have more time??? My brain is more lucid and less jaded in the mornings.


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