What in the world. I just realized the last time I updated RW was before the beach which is now over a month ago. I blame it all on autumn because this is my favorite time of the year. What with the holidays and the weather getting cooler and the leaves falling and the sun and the smell and the pumpkins and all the stuff that can be done!!!!!!

This weekend saw me not getting my tires and stuff done because car guy cancelled on me bleh, and rescheduled for 2 weeks from Saturday. If he can’t do it then, I’ll just take it to a car place and have it done. No need to bother him about it anymore.

I did, LAWN WORK all sunday morning. The Plaga grass infestation from my neighbor’s yard is deep and vicious. If I hadn’t ripped everything up like I did there is no way that I’d have been able to eradicate it all. Even with me putting my composite barrier subterra I’m pretty sure it won’t keep it away long. It’ll just grow under it and back into my yard. My neighbors did manage to wander out when I was doing things and as suspected they were suitably embarrassed and curious. The only real solution is to rip up their yard and start from scratch, but that’s not happening. WHat a losing battle. Irritating!!!!! My body and mind are fulfilled, however, doing that work. hehehehehe.

My non-money spending didn’t last very long. CURSE YOU INTERNET. On top of it all, I still have to pay the ETF from Sprint. I hate reimbursement and rebates. You still have to pay the damn amount up front. My money saving hasn’t been going well because of things like this. I just can’t save money.

AG and I have gotten to the point where it’s almost scary the mental linkage. There have been numerous times where I’ll pick up my phone thinking he texted me and he right then and there texts me, or the instant I’m getting out of bed he’ll text me. >_<

I’m going Appalachia-ing with my friiiiieeeend next weekend. I’ve warned my doctor already and she’s worried. After the yardwork, my muscles are complaining! Not terribly, but enough that I’m a little worried. We shall see…

Aaaaaand I’m out of time again.


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