HOw do I get pimples UNDER my chin??

Apparently life has been going well for me. There has been no need for excessive and depressive posts from my mind. That’s a good and bad thing because it’s bound to happen soon then.

That’s not to say stresses are not there, but nothing is so significant that I feel like I’m wallowing in anything. In fact when taken in perspective, there is nothing I need to be depressed about at all. My family is in good health…and really that’s all that matters. I can complain about finances, work, and my lack of physical stability, but there, once again, is nothing NOTHING terrible in my life right now. And for that I am very thankful and blessed.

With that said, my minor grievances include spending several hundred dollars on my car. I’ve asked Car Guy to help me out with that, but lately when I’ve been talking to him, he seems…distant? I’m not sure what’s going on there. I’ve decided that I shall no longer pester him with car things after the 3rd when I’m going up to finally meet him, have him do stuff for my car, and pay him monies. Somehow I’ve offended him and I no longer wish to offend him.

Remember all those complaints I had about Army Guy? Well….I think we’re well on our way into something here. With my tendencies towards worst-case-scenario analytics, it has been stressful to work through all the outcomes that could come out of this. However, the balancing factor there is I’ve also been thinking about the benefits. That’s a plus. Why must everything I do in regards to the heart be this way? Thought of like a business decision. It’s robotic and cold, but that’s how I approach all conflicts in life. One thing I can say is that we’ve only met in person twice, but the first time we went to DC sitting next to him felt…normal. Right. Familiar. Most guys I sit next to all have a feeling of nervousness and distance. Slowly I feel the cold, hard layers melting from around my heart. Maybe one day someone will be able to uncover it and touch it.

Why do I always run out of time writing these? only 1.5 weeks of working with idiot co-worker before the normal one comes back. I was so furious last week with her. Hopefully this normal length week will help. I can’t let her get to me. I can’t!!!

Til next time I feel there’s something else I wish to update about.


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