Back to the Grind

It’s over. It’s all over. To my miserable dismay there’s nothing left of my beloved summer. Now, I don’t particularly like the season itself very much, but what comes along with it I do like…the vacation, the traffic or lack thereof, the relative happiness, people not complaining all the time, the watermelon!! Autumn is my favorite and used to be more of my favorite because while in school it was the beginning of a new year, of new experiences, new potentials, new ideals. Now, it means more traffic and that I need to quit spending money in order to spend more money by Christmas. However, it also opens a new door into the social life because of all the festivals and the ability to hang out in Appalachia potentially. Furthermore I LOVE the weather, the holidays, the ability to grow grass again.

But now it’s back to annoying ppl and drivers and patients and the knowledge that there’s not break until Halloween.  Even worse this time because I have to work with Annoying Hygienist while my normal co-worker is out enjoying herself overseas. How can I manage to hold my tongue and pretend to be nice for 2 weeks??? AND we have to work 5 days a week next week.

To top it all off are my financial issues…that break I took last week means no money and higher than normal bills. My little girl still hasn’t gotten her vaccines, I still need new glasses (3 years running!), I MUST save money for 4 new tires, gotta pay off the fridge, birthdays, the mortgage….oh yeah and personal property tax. Whelp. No chance in saving money there when you have to take a several hundred dollar hit. I just switched cell phone carriers because I need to save money but initially it won’t save me money because in order to do this and that I had to open 4 lines and then after the ETF I can eliminate the 2 extra lines, but there’s this thing with the wrong sim card types and the dude didn’t get back to me even though he said he would.

The beach! Wow it has only been a couple days since we’ve been back but I’ve already forgotten with all the reality stressing weighing me down. Let’s start off by saying: NO STINGRAY STINGS. In fact, nothing major happened to me at all. Instead I ended up with at least 20 fly bites which, in my opinion, are worse than mosquito bites except that I’m not allergic to them…yet. Enjoyed the sand, the waves, the air, the vacation, the relaxation. Weather was half good. THe best, most beach-like day was the last day, Friday where there was no humidity, cloudless sky, good breeze. My aqua shoes allowed me to go farther into the waves than I’d dared without them. Everyone was a bit wary of going far. The shoes made me so happy to be able to surf the waves like I’m used to. Walking at least 4x a day with the dogs, people waiting around to meet them, and most days spent playing MHU3 with my brother. Putt-putt, hitting all the souvenir stores, and always grocery shopping. I managed to read a total of 3/4 of my book! Whooo. haha. I brought 5 books and 2 comic books total. I guess I did finish on comic book. The dogs were just awesome, except for the little spat in the car on the way down. Gable’s a pro and chill with it all, but this was Liana’s first taste of the beach and she was just beside herself. At first she was extremely nervous and was following Gable everywhere, but it didn’t take long for her to ask to go out all by herself. We buried her in the sand and everything!  Topsail is just amazing for dogs. You can’t beat it. Everyone else had dogs too and it was awesome to see them out all the time like that. The only downside is that it is so expensive!!!! We can only afford to go every other year. I wish we could go every year…

Why am I back here? I want my south again. I’d forgotten what it was like to be in the south. We went to eat Golden Corral and that’s when it hit home what it used to be like: People were concerned if they were in your way instead of how it is up here where everyone thinks you’re in their way. Grocery shopping yesterday was irritating and depressive in that sense. Give me the slower pace and the politeness any day!!

Sigh. Here we go!


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