When did I update last?

Dunno. But it IS Monday again.

Things that happened…this past weekend was Super Smash Con which I went with Con Guy. It was small, but we managed to hang around until 6 which is far beyond what I expected I would do. The highlight for me was the Gamer Symphony which was good with string, band, and chorus. BUT THERE WAS ONLY ONE CELLO AND NO STRING BASS. You don’t usually hear them either (at least the bass) but if you don’t have them you’re missing something very vital when you listen in. And man…no cello????? And the chorus was missing a good soprano section. Lots of strong male voices. Then there was a small arcade which was pretty neato for me even though we couldn’t get in to play too many from the hogs. Managed to jump on Pump It Up which was brutal because somehow it was a nonstop barrage of difficult songs. Not only that but it’s nothing like DDR directions. Unlike up, down, left, right, it’s corners and middle.. By the third song I was starting to get the hang of it, but I had run out of energy. AND I managed to NOT buy too much. Got something for my sister, my brother and a Zelda cap for myself. Basically it’s like a warm up for MagFest next year…though it really boils down to how much it costs…

After that I got all inspired for crafty/artistic gaming anything, so decided that my Samus costume is too hard and that a Marth costume that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do would be certainly easier. Then when I started lookin up info about that, I decided that it would so much fun to finally make the knight costume for Gable. Of course, now I have Liana too and while I wanted to make her into a Houndoom, it would be fun to make her a Joan de Arc costume. I had picked up my Samus chest piece to try it on and see what else I needed to do with it when Liana came over to see what I was doing and stood there as if she remembered that I’d tried it on her last time with the helmet. So I put it on her again and she just stood there looking happy. SO CUTE. After that, they were unwilling models, but I was able to get a rough pattern done on them with old pillowcases. Gable’s will be easier with mostly fabric to worry about, but Liana’s has the armor-work to deal with. Last night I managed to quickly put together Gable’s back shield and it looks good! Just need a small sword for him. Her armor will be harder because I need another pattern so that I don’t waste my foam, but I didn’t think she wanted to be a model again. The concern too is do I make it one piece or 2 or even 3 separate pieces??? The other plus to this is that it allows me to test out the painting on foam before I try with my Samus costume. Still haven’t set up the sewing machine, but now I’m stoked to go get fabric!!! Without any money!!! Yaaay!!

I’m also working on a drawing for my RW site. It’s coming and last night with all the inspiration I was able to get some good drawing in, but let me tell you…inspiration and talent are 2 different parts of this puzzle…sometimes you got them, sometime you only got one. Doesn’t work well…

Now comes a little more personal part…why in the world I want to post this I dunno. But I DO know that the hits on my blog have diminished again finally. Phew. So I’ve never used tampons, only pads and it’s not a big deal because Always Infinity is an AWESOME pad that has served every need I could have.  EXCEPT. Swimming. It just so happens that our beach trip will overlap a little with menarche. D’oh! So I went ahead and got some and I’m like, uhhhhh I feel foolish having never used the damn things. I think I tried years ago but I couldn’t make it work. Well I had gotten the variety pack and this one has a pretty good applicator system. Try 1  with a small was bad, but try 2 was a success. Actually it was really easy for reasons I’ll keep to myself. OK then. Why the hell did I post this. Hopefully no one reads this blog.

The bottom of my feet are busted and I can’t figure out why except that maybe I walked the dogs too far yesterday but they were fine yesterday. It must have been Pump it Up, but 2 days later?? That’s new and maybe a good thing for my muscles!!

OH yeah I’ll be dogsitting the Doberman next weekend which will coincide with meeting up with greyhound friend…Hopefully that will go OK. AND I learned that next year the family is planning one of those huge beach vacations. My only stipulation is that I have to bring my dogs. We’ll see how that goes. Also, money. Hmm.


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