What I want.

I don’t even know what I want.

BUT. On the subject of relationships. yes, AGAIN. I’m starting compile a prefer not and prefer list, having spoken with so many different guys and meeting them too.


  1. Relaxed, chill attitude, but not toooo relaxed that they don’t care about anything.
  2. Some passion and fire somewhere in there. Once again not too too much, but definitely a spark of interest and drive in something.
  3. Open personality.
  4. Ability for deeper, intellectual discussion, but not debates.
  5. Caring just enough about money.
  6. The ability to hope. You can’t possibly know, right now and forever, what life holds for you. Without hope life is dull and meaningless.

Not so Crazy about/ Not looking for:

  1. Someone with lots of forward momentum. I like doing things. But not that much. I am, after all, an introvert at heart. Usually once a month or so I go do things, but depending on what it is I will need time to recuperate. I respect the go-go attitude, wanting, no needing, to accomplish things, but that’s not for me. I am overall content with my life and myself and while life is an adventure and living your life to its fullest is a good goal to have, my version of it is less so….which makes people think I’m boring. So be it. I need to recharge my batteries, thanks.
  2. Someone set in their views of the world. To be honest here, having a strong moral core is important. Very important. However, all truths are not known and being open to the fact that things can change and do change is too. The ability to think and consider is very human. Experiences change perception, but you need to be receptive to that. Set ways is a privilege/curse of old age. Resilience is inherent in youth.
  3. Lack of curiosity, marvel and intrigue. That fire. That passion. Emotion. Thirst for knowledge. Another defining feature of humanity. Someone who can never be impressed and always negative make life that way for themselves and those around them. If you think everything is amazing and interesting, life will be like that. If you think the world is out to get you and everyone is so stupid, well then you’re right. I was raised to look for good in people and to use negative experiences to bolster the positive. It can get boring quickly to be around someone who doesn’t care about things.

So far that’s what I think….these would make good additions to my dating profiles!


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