I have to post this because I’ve seen so much of it around here and it driving me bonkers. I’ve noted in the past that I’m getting  better about road rage issues in the car finally after 5 years. Well this morning I snapped again. There’s a light coming out of the neighborhood where both sides go but the turn lanes yield to the straight. Well already i notice the mustang with a middle aged older guy in feont of me is impatient because he sees a lady at thw crosswalk we’d have to yield for and then on the other side some others too thoughhose don’t pertain to us. He starts inching because he doesn’t want to wait eventhough technically  he would because the straight lane has 2 cars waiting. Anyways peds start first and then the light turns green. He takes off as soon it turns greeen and thankfully the straight lady isn’t  paying attention so no incident and he doesn’t have to wait. My turn. Straight ppl go and I see a car zooming up that wanta to turn right but lady is still crossing the street. Because she’s in the lane closer to him I figure he needs to yield since I can turn into the left lane. So i go. He decides he doesn’t want to wait for the pedestrian so he decides to go into my lane…but I’m already there. He has to wait to pedestrian lady and he doesn’t like it. Sooo he speeds up and cuts right in front of me really close.

I paused for a moment because it takes a little time to respond to my rage these days but no doubt about it it’s unstoppable. I cut around him and gun the motor(very noisy btw). Couldn’t stoop to his level so i didn’t cut him off but got in front of him and stop at the next stoplight. He comes in really close behind me and I see that he has a yellow lab in the car with him. Fuels my anger even more. When the light starts up I show my displeasure by gunning the motor again and ends up going around me. I see him slow beside me but give no satisfaction of staring because it makes me livid. He gets in feont of the 2 cars in front of me and thank goodness i dont have to see him again as i grapple to control my rage.

Takes a while but i manage to. More reason I hate living around here. The impatience of eveyone around here is so maddening. I’m sure I’ve picked it up myself but I try hard to keep it down. Ppl don’t think about it because it’s inherent in the region but I  see it and i hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

Rant over.


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