Date w/AG: Washington DC.


I am wearing the world’s smallest shorts as I type this because I’m too lazy to do my laundry in this moment and time. It will have to be done later before bedtime, but I’m OK with that right now. Also, workers are outside milling and re-paving the asphalt trail behind our house. It’s kind of loud.

I’ve taken a massive hiatus in RW after that story arc because, well, I have no ideas and no drawing initiative right now. I need a catalyst. Would you believe that (must be the time of year??) in the last 2 weeks every guy I’ve talked to save one has contacted me out of the blue?


The plan was to meet at 8 and head off to the metro and DC! Well I was up early. I didn’t even need my alarm either because I was wide awake. Liana was like, YES, to the early walk but they both became agitated when it became clear I was going somewhere on a Saturday without them. AG was already near me at a Starbucks no doubt because he was excited too. Got my sunscreen and bug spray on and lent him bugspray too, and then hopped into his truck and off we went!! At first it was a little awkward in the car. Most of the time so far I’ve been fishing for things to talk about with these guys as we make it to our destinations, sometimes feeling forced and over-the-top excited, but this time it was an awkward silence in that both of us didn’t want to spill everything out at once since we were going to be around each other all day. And the nice thing is that despite how much we’d talked in the past there was still stuff to talk about…not to mention, too, that I didn’t have to steer the vast majority of the conversation.

So we hop on the metro and since he’s got bigger upperbody muscles and the metro seats are smaller, when we sat our bodies pretty much always touched from calves up to the shoulders. He was still high on coffee and excitement and so in the relatively quiet morning metro he was busy being loud and it was a little embarrassing. I could see and feel people looking our way every so often. Most of the day when we were on the metro and legs touching, etc, all I could think about how natural it felt and also hoping that my shaved leg stubble wouldn’t start appearing all of the sudden since they like to grow rather quickly…good thing I’ve been waxing more lately.

Then we’re in DC! But it’s too early, so nothing’s open. Bonus points for him when I wanted to take a picture of him next to a construction sign and he had no problem with that. In fact, big bonus points all day that he allowed me to take pictures of him altogether. Most people/guys are like, NO. We wander around and plan what we want to do at the Castle (visitor center), then head off to the Washington Monument. Another plus is that since he’s Asian we get to exchange little Asian jokes along the way…that’s one reason why I originally wanted to find someone Asian…those little nuances and comments and jokes that would otherwise be construed as racist are actually funny and understandable. Washington monument, then Reflection memorial thing, then Lincoln Memorial which kicked off the muscle obliteration in my thighs. Experienced an almost-cramping episode so we sit down on some benches. After a Capri-sun, it’s now time to head to the Museum of Natural History!!! Along the way we go exploring and end up around the EPA and food court thing. By the time we get into the museum, my feet have begun to get tired, and his coffee had worn off. It became apparent that he wasn’t overall too interested in the exhibits themselves…I remember thinking that if I was here by myself I could literally spend all day looking and absorbing each exhibit, and then yearning for another person whom I could express nerdy intellectual discussion with.  We pretty much breezed through things, what with all the kids and people everywhere and also the knowledge that we wanted to hit the Air and Space Museum along with something else. After leaving the Natural History (I swear I missed half the museum), we stopped to have some Italian ice which was really nice break in some shade and then off we trot to the Air and Space!! He kept bringing up food for which I was not hungry yet (in retrospect we should have stopped for real food), and we entered the air and space!!! He lit up a little here (maybe the Italian ice) and we got through pretty much all the exhibits save a few. Still felt like we breezed through a few things, but for the most part we got into everything. Bought some magnets and then we left to our next destination. Got to a map and after some deliberation I decided I wanted to go to the zoo as opposed to Chinatown (he wanted to get food there), but it was so far away to walk and both of our feet at this point were shot. We wandered around and got lost and came around and finally found the L’Enfant Metro stop. Navigated the maze of metro trains, waited on aching feet only to stand on the ride to catch a changeover to get on the redline and up to the National Zoo.

Both of us were tired, but we had one more place to go! It was an awkward sitting experience for a little, but thankfully I felt comfortable around him which is strange because I’m not a touchy feely person. THE ZOO. Well. We had to walk there…so more walking, with a detour into CVS where he got cashews and I couldn’t pass on an Arizona tea. Yay! The zoo! I was complaining about breezing through things? THAT was a major breeze through walk of the zoo. It didn’t matter too much because most of the animals were hiding from the heat. This is where he started expressing without a doubt that he was done and wanted to go home. Not forcefully, but it wasn’t “whatever you want to do” anymore. LOL. More walking, more waiting for the metro, where this lady started chatting me up haha. He was conspicuously not involved when the lady started yakking with me. Rode back, hopped on the orange line where we scored 2 seats (for the record always try to get on either end of the train because everyone always tries to cram into the middle). He fell asleep almost instantly and I closed my eyes temporarily, but I don’t nap and didn’t need it. It gave me time to think about the day, and the two of us, and all that.

Came back, my body protested that last walk to the car, and hopped into I-66 traffic. He seemed much more refreshed after the nap and ended up chatting me up most of the way home. Dropped me off and I agonizingly walked my dogs and then a much needed refreshing shower!!!!

In conclusion: So my gosh overall it was so much excitement and fun! Despite the breezing through of everything (it’s a LOT to take in at once…now I know why people usually only hit one or two places before calling it quits…we did 3 Smithsonians!! I think my second trek back would be much more productive) I think it was a successful date. The best indicator of character is to endure stress, right? Like on a mountain… But AG never complained outright of anything, deferred to what I wanted, and took it all in stride. I’m glad he knew how to navigate the metro stuff cuz I was completely thrown for a loop there. I felt safe with him the whole time. Once again what hit me the most was that sitting physically touching him I was not embarrassed or flustered or creeped out. It felt comfortable, natural, and almost like he was family. I wasn’t turned on by it, nothing like that. It was like sitting next to my brother…though given the size of the seats I don’t know if I could’ve fit there next to my brother.  Downsides? The worst one for me was the lack of interest in stuff. He was mostly concerned about food, and mostly enjoying the fact that he was there with me. I’d catch him looking at me often. Not in a totally creepy way, but he was looking. I enjoy marveling at things like animals, and history and such and typically I like to be around someone who shares that marvel. Not necessarily in everything, but I want to see that fire, that spark of curiosity and knowledge.

I guess you can’t have it all…Could I be happy without that intellectual spark…?

Nonetheless he will remain a good friend. Always. At least in my own mind. Another unforgettable date. Sometimes after these dates, I never speak to the guy again, or there’s nothing else to talk about and things go stale, but afterwards we are back to the same old. At least I am. I think he’s decided he quite likes me. I’d like to see other people first since all the guys I’m in contact with are completely different from each other.


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