No moola and…

…I’ve decided to go ahead and try and see these men.

Trying to put it off will 1) not help my cause, and 2) keep them hanging instead of letting them go on with their own searches if it don’t pan out (which is really may not considering my inability to commit to anything).  Not to mention that I have no commitments at all.

Also I was lamenting about how in the world I’m going to be able to pay for my credit card bill this month which includes stupid health insurance and the car bill. THEN I looked at the calendar and it turns out that I get paid 3x this month. Mortgages have all increased due to some escrow increase which throws a wrench in everything. Sadly, I dunno if the 3rd time getting paid is going to be TOO much of a help because since I’m going to be out 2weeks… Either way it’s not enough to pay my massive credit card bill as well as the damn refrigerator, patio, Liana’s vet bill AND try to save money. I’m beginning to really think my house is eating away at everything. One solution would be to temp myself out on Mondays or Saturday mornings, and get more hours in but I kind of don’t want to do that, and I’m prettttty sure no retail job wants to hire me for just one day a week.

Like I keep telling people who look down on my not working too too much, if you can manage it, why not? But CAN I manage it? With retirement on the line in the future? If I can’t save money what’s the point? Not work now, so that I HAVE to work later? Then THAT begs the question: if I made more money would I actually save money or would I end up spending it anyways? It would be, what, $400 extra a month to temp on Mondays? Maybe…only if I get jobs. If it was retail it’d be like getting $50 a month. Not worth it. If I were to do some side job randomly it might work.

I need to think about this. Maybe it’s time to troll around on Craigslist.


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