I like how I got almost 100 hits yesterday

This, dear readers, is why I’ve started taking up traditional pen and paper journaling again. I don’t know why I have so many hits, and it may all be quite benign, but it just solidifies for me and drives home that everything I write is public fort he internet. If I were to go back in time, and read through, there’d probably be a few things I regret saying. Might as well make it almost 100% personal. Not that anyone I really care about reads this anymore anyways. So I’ve effectively always been writing it for me and not anyone in particular. And I’ll reap the benefits mentioned in an earlier post about hand writing. Like…being more accountable for spelling.

And yes, I actually DID write in it yesterday–a full entry–without interruptions which is the big problem so far with hand-writing it. For some reason people leave me alone if I’m on an electronic, but not when I’m just hand writing something. Strange, huh? Maybe the effect of electro-magnetic radiation is real and farther reaching than previously I thought.

Another problem that is arising is that now that I’ve already written it once, it no longer bothers me and now I don’t really have my to write in here. Hmmm.

Soooo. OK. So on the dating front, I ended up talking to many guys this weekend and was asked out by 2, no, 3 of them. All from very different regions. I had lots of time to really delve into, think about, and ponder my whole stance on this. I talked to a few of them. Wait. So that makes it 4 guys. Sigh. And I keep learning about myself and what I potentially want or don’t. Still no conclusion there except that I need to just keep meeting people and giving them a chance, and also not to rush things because I”m notorious for rushing things. So impatient!!!! I swear in my old age I’ve already slowed down some too.

Gable is so cute. Whatever room I’m in, he wants to be there with me. Liana does too, I think, but the desire isn’t as strong (she attached herself to my mom since I’m scary) and Gable’s already occupying the position. Gable stays out of my room while I sleep (my rule), so she takes advantage of that to come in early mornings.  They’re both adorable. I think about how much more simple my life could be without them: how much extra money I’d have, more time not thinking about them, more vacations, no need to walk them in the morning or evening. However, without them: there’d be no inspiration to reason to go parks (no one wants to go alone too often since I don’t run either), no reason to exercise every day (I’d probably be REALLY fat by now), no fun things to talk about at work, my Facebook would be quite empty, I wouldn’t have made acquaintances with the people I have, and my stress level would be out the roof methinks. The inconvenience of owning them is easily outdone by the delight and joy…not to mention the life lessons gained from them. Gable is currently roaching. See what I mean? They’re so silly.

Out of time!


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