I did it

I started handwriting in my old journal again! I can’t even begin to explain how much different it is than typing on a computer. Actually I can.

This past weekend….LEt’s see, I spent most of it playing Age of Empires II (once every year I get into an AoE kick and have to play the whole series and all of its campaigns), worked on my Samus cosplay because 2 people asked me about it and not too much to show for it, but managed to work through a few logistics so am now more pumped! Not so pumped about having to possibly redo the entire thigh portion. I’m using a thinner foam and it’s SOOO much easier to work with and move around in. The thicker foam is good for reinforcing and dimensions. Didn’t get around to any yard work. Played piano and violin and am in the process of trying to memorize my latest obsession. I think it’d be good for my brain to actually work like that.

I’ve become very interested in going out and doing something. WIth people. DUNDUNDUN. These first dates are interesting. Not only that but the old peeps are reaching back out to me. It’d been a good amount of time. I want to meet them. I want to go somewhere. But I have no money. I still need to get my girl in to see the vet and possibly pay another bazillion dollars for it. And with that I ended up buying some shirts and the rooftop bag for the beach. No sense in waiting because I’ll never have extra money for it….

Great. 7 minutes left.

OK so benefits of handwriting:

Muscle use, brain-hand coordination, lack of spellcheck, brain usage in general. There are studies that prove students who hand-write notes are much more likely to score higher and have a better comprehension. Something about having to use the brain to tell the hands what to write and the mere writing of it solidifies to the brain what you are writing. Like brainwashing: you hear something enough and you might start really believing it. So it’s not a far stretch to take that and say that if you’re using the journal (like me) as a venting tool, then it would be more meaningful and effective to hand-write it as compared to the relatively cold typing on a computer…since typing, while faster, utilizes less brainpower by not physically forming words. Playing piano would be different, but these are words we’re talking about. Less distraction too. Computers and electronics in general are eye distracting even if we don’t consciously realize it and not to mention if I’m on the computer, I have another tab oopen on the browser and music blaring.

Actually I’ve begun to  realize that typing on here isn’t as therapeutic as it used to be. Instead, I tend to get a minor headache when typing these. Like right now. Something about screen brightness maybe? I’m just old. There’s a comfort and…and…I dunno, I can’t think of the words to describe it. Already just from writing a little bit yesterday, I feel smarter.

I swear electromagnetic fields emitted by electronics mess with us, even if no one wants to hear it. A physical book, a physical journal, a physical sketchbook…even a real piano and a real violin.

OK until next time!


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