Doggie update

My mom tells me the moment I left the house yesterday to go to work, Liana literally ran into the kitchen and began gobbling down her food. Somehow I managed to make her terrified of my presence during meals. Well she said Liana also had really bad stomach issues the rest of the day with gas and stuff (inevitable given her lack of food for several days), so I stopped on the way home and picked up some Pepto-Bismol, pumpkin and new kibble. The whole issue ate and ate away at me while I was at work yesterday, putting me on edge and making me unfocused. The new food has a reputation for being pretty good for picky eaters and while it’s one of the very popular brands of food that I tried to stay away from, at this point I really don’t care as long as it works. The bonus is that it’s affordable and widely available.

Well dinner rolls around and Gable runs into gobble up the new kibble, but I tasked my mom with bringing my girl in (since I’m the bad guy here) and she started lapping it all up. Since the deal is eat half and you get good things, Gable ate half and got good things, but so did Liana and she was so happy. Then afterwards they got a high quality treat: anchovies. Good golly that smelled but they were soooooo beside themselves that Liana promptly forgot I was feeding her in her bowl and snarfed it all down. Whenever they have the energy and gumption to play with their toys, it’s a good day. They both ran out and began playing away.

Do you know how big a relief it is to see that? I felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders and that I grew 10 years from this once incident alone. Imagine real kids. bluh. It’s certainly not greenlight all systems go at this point, but it’s progress. I’m also not naïve enough to think that this is the end all kibble because, well, I’ve had Gable for 3 years now.

All I can say is yesssss for being able to sleep at night. I had 2 pretty good dreams (one was like a video game/book/movie with a sphere of power in a plant pot, heroes, a demon lord, monsters, and the other was a 1st person video game dream like Zelda getting chests an sneaking around like Assassin’s Creed), only spoiled by the need to pee in the middle of the night.

Completely off-topic here is that I recently received a rash of messages from people online dating wise (that’s another post btw) and it includes a major turnoff: poor command of the English language. I’m all for language diversity, but my primary language is English. Or American, really. The worst was reading an entire profile from a native born that seemed like an 8 year old wrote it. Not to make fun of people, but dude. DUDE. Words like “summery” and “hafe” for summary and half…obviously he’s basing it all on phonetics…Actually it’s quite interesting to read from someone who spells mostly from phonetics, but to me this is not a good first impression. Actually I’m going to post it here for you to see what I’m talking about:

  “Hi there my name is Nathan ok so I’m going to do my best at this. I’m not good with writing about myself so here it goes.

Im a kind hearted person who loves a good joke. I always trys and have a good time and cares for everyone who is close to my heart. I do have a sacastic side but it turns to funny quick and makes you think why am I not doing stand up . Im a gentlemen that means I always put my special someone first I would even do something I normal wouldnt try and find enjoyment casue you would want to yes I said you I mean you are a women and I am writing this to find that someone right.

Ok about myself I am a geek but Im not your stay inside and be on the computer all the time geek I do go outside infact I work outside I am a loader at home depo I make sure peoples stuff get to the place they are going without it falling all over the road. My intrest are many I like to go and try new things foods see what new shops open up. I like to build things when I can and Im inspired Id love to go to a convention (anime/comic) in full custom costume.

What Im hopeing from here is to find that somone who sets my heart a blaze makes me want to go to the ends of the earth just to please her someone I would find a dragon to slay just for her. I want a bueaty of the mind meaning someone who can hold a conversation with who would really be my better hafe. I want a partner for life and after.



Ok that it for my profile ladys any other questions ask me I like a lady who can take the first step I am a open book hope to hear from you :) 

Now I feel bad for posting it. Sometimes when I see something like this, I think of how it’d be like if people from the future or another world find glimpses of our civilization. You’d have to decipher the language, so misspellings like these are very valuable to figuring out the pronunciations of a language. Latin is like that. No one speaks latin anymore, obviously, but they’ve found misspellings and it does just that: point to how things were pronounced…at least inferred dialect, since lower class and less educated people tend to speak a language differently. Oooo I could go on and on, but I can’t because now I’m late and it’s….*shudder* THURSDAY.


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