Frustration and Starving Dogs

Today marks the 3rd full day that Liana has refused to eat her kibble. I’m in the throes (started Monday) of attempting to play hardball with her. I’ve tried it in the past and always ended up caving in. Her stubbornness is far beyond that of Gable and not only that, but I can’t deal with her the same way I can with him.

Gable is resilient and loyal. No matter how much I yell at him or scare him, he comes when I call and is quick to forget. I can force-feed him his food when he’s being obnoxious and for some odd reason it makes our bond stronger. Don’t ask me. He’s picked up on the new pattern pretty well even if he’s resisting just  a little.

Liana has a past of rehoming which means that she has trust issues. I was making good headway until this starving event. I refuse to pander to her anymore just because of her past or that she is so cute and adorable. She is tenacious, herself, which is a detriment for me when it comes to her decisions. However she is skittish and quick to fear. Once she’s afraid she remembers that and is terrified to come to you. Strange, though, because she has no problem coming to me in the morning for walks and when I come home for walks. When I leave for work, she’s the one that comes to the door with that “don’t leave me” face (Gable just lies there uncaring on his bed, which may be a good thing because he trusts that I will come home).

The problem is that I’ve thrown away so much kibble now that it’s criminal. I’ve been trying on and off to do this, but it always reverts back. I thought maybe it was kibble brand, types of broth, gravy, size of kibble…but alas. No matter how much or what add-ins I give her in a few days she’s back to refusing her food and I have to–yet again–throw away her food. It’s frustrating. Terribly so. It makes me very angry too that I spend so much money and time on them only to literally flush it all down the drain.

Which brings us to the setup now. I’ve complicated it too, by somehow scaring her away from her food bowl to the point that she refuses to even come into the kitchen or anywhere near her bowl. SHe’ll slink in later when I’m gone to look for food, or she’ll go hide behind my mom or brother. I can’t tell if she’s playing it up or if she’s truly afraid of me during mealtime.

Oh please help me through this… 


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