Because, yes, I’m running a risk.

Remember the other day I stated that I was going to post about news headlines but didn’t? Well I’m annoyed to enough to do so.

Blame it on social media and the media itself because, well, they’re pretty much responsible for the mass hysteria one way or another whenever anything of note or stat-worthy happens.

In this case (and at the inevitable risk of alienating myself and opening up for flame wars and vicious vicious comments because, well, it’s the internet and everyone feels they should do that regardless of the fact that this is my own opinion in my own blog that you didn’t have to read) I’m talking about gay pride, the flag of the Confederacy, religion and really, the whole concept of offensiveness.

Let me start by throwing out these images:






…did any of those offend you? Certainly some more than others, am I correct? I could post these things all day and someone’s blood pressure would undoubtedly spike to dangerous levels the instant they lay eyes on the images themselves.

So why does it (them) offend you? Is it because they stand for something that is oppressive to another group of people? That demeans them and causes fear? Well, recall, if you will, a law of Newton and really life:  every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What you find offensive is not to a different group of people, and what you find lulling and comforting may be offensive to another.

We could argue this forever so in the end, opinions people! Opinions are opinions as long as violence doesn’t erupt, but because there are so many different people in the world, the more radical from both sides are inevitably going to want to start something based on what? Principle? Passion? If we have evolved to be able to think so well, why is it so hard to keep control of yourself?

My problem with it all is that, say, on Fbook and other social media, like someone put it the other day, their Facebook looks like there’s a war between The Confederacy and a Skittles factory. Great! THe Supreme Court  ruled  that gay marriage can not be denied in any state! Everyone knows that the entire country is split on this. Everyone posts their rainbow flags (why in the world did the poor, beautiful rainbow become a symbol for LGBT anyways? You can’t own anything rainbow colored anymore unless you want to look like you’re making a political statement…). Then all of the sudden at the same time, the anti-confederacy people jump up and take advantage of the air to start bashing the Confederate flags! It was smart actually because everyone is on edge right now. The gay pride people are happily flaunting support, etc, but any dissent is painfully silent. Why? Because everyone is terrified of being branded a bigot and attacked violently for opposing something that pretty much half of the country does not agree with. So the anti-Confederacy peoples jump in because everyone’s afraid of breaking eggshells. And it’s true. Everyone’s afraid to criticize something they would normally have no problem doing. Only a select few people feel confident enough to “like” certain things, but not confident enough actually post them on their own accord.

This country is founded on being able to have your own opinions on things without being persecuted. It’s impossible, but that’s the idea. So if you can have the opinion of pro-gay marriage and anti-Confederacy, why can’t you have opinions of anti-gay marriage and pro-confederate flags? Once again, barring violence. Heck just this post alone will have people at my throat and I haven’t even gotten deep into the argument.

Just because I can, let me throw this out there in the meantime: Gay marriage victory is empowering love, right? Love prevails! Life is precious and therefore we should respect people’s orientation and decisions because we should love people! Who would refute that if there was more love in the world between people, many of our conflicts wouldn’t occur? Now. With that in mind. Why should we not love the unborn child? A life. Just not out breathing air yet…we can’t see it without machinery. It has no chance to live, no chance to be loved. Destroyed away from others’ eyes why? Reasons include, rape, incest, birth defects, but the worst is purely oops I didn’t mean to have a baby. Let’s just hit delete real quick, just because I was being irresponsible.


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