I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again….

…I would die without access to a backyard and YARDWORK.

I’ve told people that I enjoy gardening…while it’s true, I have to clarify that it’s really the hard yard work that satisfies me. That fills some sort of need. Beyond that I can’t put it into words. What brings this on do you ask? Well here I am on a Monday, trying to chill like I usually do, but instead I’m restless. Like really restless. Probably something similar to what Liana feels. Nothing that I normally enjoy doing appeals to me. I head out to the backyard to let my girl out into the sunshine and the moment sunshine, and open air touches me, I am filled with a sense of belonging…fulfillment. But it’s not enough. I grab some gloves and start pulling weeds. Better. Hmmm…looking around, I see the obnoxious wooden 2×4’s that surround the “patio” the house’s previous owner left us. So I pull it up. More exertion. Yessss. It left me wanting more, so as my mom leaves the door to go to work, I grab the long pole lopper and get to work on the tree overshadowing the deck.

This year the tree is full. Memory reminds me that last year with the much much drier weather, the tree was not doing well, dropping leaves in June as if it was October. This year the leaves are full, plenty and exceptionally green. Bad news for the deck plants. Sweating, not too much heat, and physical exertion…I am mostly satisfied and with 2 mosquito bites to show for it. Must. Create. More. Work.

I want a YAAAAAAAAARRRRRDDDDDDD. Serious yard work withdrawal here. Me and my baby girl… which is strange because Gable is more rugged.

Only this week and then next week we have off! Whoo!!! It’s going to go fast, though, I can already tell.

Whenever Nintendoland opens in Universal Florida, I’m taking my brother and we’re taking 2 days to GO TO ORLANDO WHOOOOO. I’ve never been to Universal so I’d love tooooo. Hopefully he won’t be a wet blanket the whole time. THat’s what I’m always concerned about.

Double roachie!!! Silly pups.


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