My girl

I almost lost my little dark lady. Again. I came home and my mom said that she had destroyed the little orange plant, and ate all sorts of plants. She had been refusing to eat her kibble and that morning was no different so we knew she’d be a little hungry. The orange plant eating alarmed me and she was very stressed out. My mom said she’d been trying to throw up for a while. Took her on the walk and indeed she was trying to eat any vegetation she could find. Poop looked fine, though. Came back and she tried to go to the basement. I took her out back and she wanted to eat the daylilies, but I stopped her and she came inside. The stress level was very high still and she kept dry heaving, so I decided to induce vomiting. I hate doing it…this is probably the 3rd time I’ve had to do this to her…but hearing that she ate all those plants was scary indeed. Brought her outside (made sure not to use her name) and forced down some hydrogen peroxide. When the foam came out of her mouth I had moment where I was terrified, but the pile grass and leaves made me feel so much better. She stopped heaving and I let her back in to see how she was doing. There was an almost immediate improvement and the foamy mess indicated to me that I could have lost her. I assume it means that what she ate was poisonous…not to mention the look of terror on her face as she paced the house beforehand. And of course while I was trying to clean it up, she comes and attacks the orange plant again. This time I caught her and used my severe reprimand voice. I’m just glad she’s fine now. Never would I have thought she nor Gable would try to eat the plants in the house. He’s never done it or showed signs of ever wanting to.

I don’t want to think about what would have happened if my mom hadn’t been home because I don’t think I would have noticed that she attacked the orange plant. Blah. When I come home I kind of shut down a bit.

Good thing I don’t have kids.

In other news, check out this:


Hehehehehehheheheheheheheheheh. This is so spot on it scared me. I would expect no less of my Dark Age self.

Oh and I won $50 on a scratcher yesterday. I had $15 to cash, but no one was at the customer service desk, so I decided to go waste it on other tickets and voila! Now add a few zeros to that…lol. That should pay for 3/4 of Liana’s microchipping.


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