TOday was a sucky day

In the beginning. The end was fine.

More weird dreams. I swear it’s the heat. I was literally up and ready to be awake by 5:30, but since there’s nothing really for me to do (strike that. since there are people sleeping in the house) I napped until it was time to get off, which of course calls for even more weird dreams. Walked the dogs quickly and came back. Uneventful there. And then. Breakfast. Gable has grown especially intolerant of his favorite kibble, so I’m in the process of switching him back to the mediocre food he’s only OK with, adding pumpkin to his food, flavoring that because he doesn’t like it, and trying to not waste $40 worth of dog food. That leaves me with even less time to eat my own breakfast even when not taking the time to make a sandwich. Well. I only had 8 minutes to eat this morning and I managed to make it even shorter by dropping all of it on the floor. Find food replacement which is not as good, and eat that while cleaning up the ground (with the help of dogs of course). Manage to be late leaving the house and sit in traffic. Yay. Get to work and it’s Thursday so C is there which puts me automatically in a bad mood. First patient shows up, I go through this whole xray thing with her and we request it and the people finally get t to us AFTER the patient has left. useful. Then this whole deal with the next patient who refuses to see anyone other than me like a petulant child even though he’s on C’s schedule. I’m furious. That’s when the day starts going better for me, but I still have to sit there and watch as C is late all freaking day long. She insists on taking my next patient because she felt bad about the other one which was unnecessary but she did anyways and Dr. S comes over to me later demanding to know why the heck she was seeing her and I explained it and oh well if she’s 30 minutes late for her scaling. Freaking chatterbox. There is yet another patient later that had requested me but wasn’t going to see me because I have another patient I’d been seeing forever. I find out later that after I left and after the office is supposed to be closed another patient wanders in to schedule an apt with ME because he LIKES ME TOO.

I have to make it clear right here and now that there is nothing that makes me more angry than patients like that. Most people would be flattered, but that’s not me. It makes it very difficult for the office to accommodate those patients. What if I’m sick, on vacation or straight up moved away? What then? S has a bunch of those patients and so does Dr. V. I HATE high maintenance patients. To me, all the hygienists are good. I like when patients see another hygienist; heck I as a patient prefer to see different ones time. I’m likely to miss something the more often I see a patient in a row. I can feel that the others don’t understand why I’m like that. THe more someone requests me the less I want to see them. I don’t even like when they compliment me. UUUGH.

Also doesn’t help that I’m a bit irritable . I’m thinking PMS, but that can’t be right…right? geez. Where does time go?

Maybe that same mindset is what makes it impossible for me to maintain any relationship. Unless the other person is absolutely remarkable.


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