What a difference a day makes

Seriously I need to post on Mondays if I insist on update about weekends because I takes so darn long!

…what was I talking about yesterday? Oh yes. So not to spoil the mood, I decided to take my mom to a somewhat far away neighborhood. It’s huge, but it’s like Sterling where it’s a planned housing system. It pretty much sits by itself. It has houses, townhomes, condos and apartments. It has a couple schools, grocery stores, gas stations and other stores. It has its own fire station. My mom fell in love with it. She likes the idea of being able to live there and maybe she could find a job within it and it would be all contained. So that made her  happy and my sense of adventure and exploration was addressed.

Spent some time watching TV thereafter and then wanted to do something productive, so since my brother brought home my TV, spent the rest of the afternoon rearranging and cleaning out the basement to accommodate the it. Somehow that led to me cleaning out my closets upstairs and put me one step closer to achieving my goal of not having too much extraneous stuff. If I ever move out…then the goal would be to be able to get everything out of this townhouse that is mine within a day. I think that is certainly doable. Don’t get me wrong I like stuff, but not when it’s sitting there collecting dust.

Monday saw a normal schedule of events for us. THe only difference was the continuing restlessness I felt, so I tried to sate it by finishing up the last rearview mirror ball which is my brother’s. It took quite a long time, and apparently I spent the entirety of the time clenching my teeth, but it’s almost done. Just need some varnish and then I can clean up that mess on the table. While waiting for the paint coats to dry, I decided to venture outside and to my surprise it was very nice out! The forecast has indicated it would be hot and humid but there was a great breeze and so I used the dog beds and a couch pillow to get my daily dose of vitamin D. AWAY FROM ELECTRONICS. THat was the key. I got my science magazine and proceeded to read about galaxies and the cosmos with the birds, wind, sun, clouds and squirrels to keep me company. I can’t explain how good that felt. Often I complain and contemplate the fact that I never spend enough time without something electronic in hand, out under the open sky, and just relaxing. Well there you go. Both my dogs came out to join me and I may have never gone back in except that of course someone had to come spoil it by smoking.

AAAAND now it’s back to work. Bluh. I’ve been looking at houses again because I want to get away from here still, although I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to escape from northern VA anytime soon. At least I can get away from the crowds right? All I want is a house that is 1600-2000 sq ft, 3 beds, 2 bath, LARGE backyard, and no or lenient HOA. Geez.

Work of course has me mad. I shouldn’t be either because it’s not my business, but it’s the principle of it!!! One of our computers was messing up last Thursday and I was able to get on my way to fixing it for good because the stupid computer people were being literally useless. The docs told me to back off after a while, so I did, but with the help of my brother we knew exactly what the problem was. I even warned one of the docs that if they say it’s hard drive they’re trying to get your money. Well guess what. The people FINALLY came and after literally 10 minutes said it was hard drive. I rolled my eyes but it’s not my call. Yesterday I learn that (after arguing with one of the docs about it) they said it was the scanner that was frying the hard drive. I mean I don’t really care, but I hate knowing what’s for real and then seeing that someone’s being taken advantage of. Basically, the company is taking the expensive way out because they can. Once again not my call. I don’t need to get worked up about this. Breathe. Breathe.

The dogs fought over who would get the bed in my room. Haha. The other just ran downstairs in a huff. They regularly trick or race each other to get the desired bed space.


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