My nails are too long

and they have dirt in them still. A hygienist with long nails might as well wear gloves with spikes on them.

I had talked about changing my dating profiles to make them more accurate. No more of this ask me to find out more bit. It’s all there if you care to read it and it’s in plain English too with bullet points and everything. Ironically it has garnered much attention and I get more messages daily. Guys seem attracted to outright-ness…at least on dating sites. Personally, I thought it sounded very negative, but hey what do I know. Then again some of them considering they keep putting: “hey you look pretty” probably don’t even bother reading it and just message me.

One of them has asked to meet me, and I said sure. wut. What attracts us is our similar views on dog training, but I don’t know what else…I just can’t believe I agreed already again after my wanting to disappear for a while. I DID disappear for 4 days and it was a bit of a test and bit for my sanity. COming back to it, I really didn’t feel like answering the messages (I was OK answering it for dog guy and the law enforcement guy with a farm), but I answered with one liners in the hopes they would go away. Didn’t totally work.

Co-worker asked about AG, and I was like oh yeah it’s over but had no real emotions come up. Hard Work Weekend really did help. She said she liked J because we would go out and do things. I told her that while it’s true we did go out, that was it. No real emotions…just doing things. On the other hand, AG was the complete opposite. I never ever met him, but I was highly emotionally involved. Looking back, I lean towards the emotional one, but why can’t I find a happy medium there?

Time for breakfast!!!


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