When it rains it pours

Literally. It’s pouring outside just minutes after I went out to bring in the dog beds. And the thunder!! Auuuuuuuuugh. I have to be not scared for my boy, though, because he gets scared too. It’s not working very well. Thunderstorms always make me nervous.

So a few days later here and I’m looking back at my sadness and while I miss not getting texts from him, I’m not any worse for the wear. In fact, I’m over it. There wasn’t any yardwork done after that one bit of it that I posted about. Just lots of hunting monsters. …it’s sunny now… I don’t know why people think that 80 degrees and sunny is amazingly awesome because I think it’s too hot. I’m definitely a low 70’s kind of person. Otherwise you get out and do just a little bit of work and it’s too hot to think straight and the sweat just pours out of everywhere.

Just changed my room around again (with furniture sliders which were PERFECT, btw) and I like it. I also managed to spend more money again than I wanted. An idea for a new rule to help me out with that popped into my brain this morning: go back to using cash. Growing up I always had cash and I loved it. Now I feel like it will help me out because if I don’t have enough cash, then that’s it. Same reason behind debit users, but that would not work for me. After I try to pay off all this crap I bought in the next month, I will employ the cash practice. Withdraw a certain amount when depositing, and that’s all I get to spend in the next month. Speaking of finances, I reactivated an old account and am using it to spread my money around for the same reason: not touching it unless absolutely necessary.

…As over it as I am, there seems to be a void in my life. Something’s missing. I’m not missing him in particular, just the companionship of another person. One of the very main reasons I got into this to begin with was to have a friend/companion that I could go do things with, discuss things with, send random dog pictures to, learn things from…I’m obviously lonely.

Where’s my 3DS??? Time to play stuff! It’s 4!


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