Chinese Horoscope

I have a Chinese Horoscope book that I really like, because having read many in my life, this one is not only the most simple, but eerily accurate for not just me, but others in my family too.

Yes, I know the deal on astrology…it’s so generalized it could apply to anyone blah blah blah. Well you know what? I may not adhere as well to the Western astrology, but the Chinese one for some reason has always resonated. It’s a paradox, really, to call myself Christian and believe in astrology. Let me confirm: I don’t believe  in it like it’s my life and I need to listen to everything it says in every aspect of my life. More than anything, it’s a fun part of my culture, that has kept well with my life.

Anyhoos, I like to pull it out and read it every so often, and just did randomly today because I found it in a pile of my stuff. Had to post this part because it was so close to my personality it was kind of scary. It brings together the West and Eastern portions, as in Chinese  astrology, there are many factors that influence a person’s sign, like hour of birth, month, etc. So here it is!

WP_20150307_008 WP_20150307_009

I’ve said forever that I’m a bit narcissistic and selfish. Others always try to downplay it, but it’s true. I am, and I won’t deny it. I’m not that selfless…I like what I like and I do like to buy things for my own pleasure. If you at all read this blog, you will know that HO YEAH this girl is FULL of herself. lol. It is my blog after all. Not to say that I don’t care about other people, because I do value sympathy and diplomacy. I actually went through and read all the negative traits (since in your sign’s section it has mostly positive traits described) scattered around the book and yeppp they’re right.

Aaaand yes of course I read the compatibility sections hehehehehe

So fun to read this stuff. :)


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