…it’s not actually Tuesday is it? Haha!

We had a snow day yesterday! I didn’t actually go measure it yet (I will!) but I’m guesstimating it to be around 6-8 inches. It was super pretty and I already knew I wasn’t coming in tomorrow because by 11am on Wed I already had zero patients as people were freaking out. I will say that the weathermen actually got it spot on this time! Can’t badmouth them today.

Spent the day feeding birds, watching them and squirrels, playin Monster Hunter 4 and Pokémon Shuffle. Then around 2 went out to dig out my car so I could bring my mom to work. My car took to it like it was dirt and then after dropping her off, I got tired of driving behind super slow extra cautious people so I started exploring. Bought myself $7 worth of McDonald’s, took some red lights because they weren’t turning green, fishtailed BIG TIME leaving McD freeing everyone out around me, but holy crap it got the adrenaline pumping, which then encouraged me to detour out to “take stock” of rte 29 “for tomorrow.” Squeezed by some cars, took off to beat some slow people again, I mean cautious <_<, fishtailed some more, hightailed it up the hill, someone tried to go around me, my car swerved a bit, losing traction close to the side of the road, then took the turn on the curvy part of the neighborhood. Experimented by turning off TCS and turning it to manual mode. Gear 2 was awesome strong, but I don’t know anything about manual and my car wanted to change gears, so I pushed it back to automatic. Made it home and started eating my junk food with adrenaline flowing rapidly through my circulatory system and getting high off the thrill.

Rest of the day saw more monster hunter, TV and then an early walkies with the pups in snow that no one had touched! Tromped, ran, fell, hiked, climbed through and over things. At the deepest drifts it came up to their bellies and up to my knees. SUPER workout!!! Beautiful scenery and people everywhere cleaning up their cars. This is the advantage to having dogs with long legs. Brother actually showed up to talk and shovel things. Ate a cup0noodle for dinner because I wasn’t hungry and the dogs need me to eat something for routine’s sake. Fed them, and started my workout! Failed and succeeded at the same time, then free weights and Pressit Pushups!! Although modified, I was able to still do so much more than in the past and Wii U Fit’s mirror mode really sees me looking thinner these days :) I still feel puffy though…too much sodium I guess. Or maybe that time of the month.  5 months until beach body! Hope I can make it!

Of course now I managed to put stress on my back and it kind of aches. Next workout will focus on my back!

The commute this morning is something I don’t want to deal with. Feds are on 2 hour opening so my commute will be impacted. Our neighborhood roads don’t look too hot. Better, but yeah. TGIF!!! Let’s do this!

OH and before I forget, I finally just up and asked Army Guy to meet up with me before he gets busy. Next weekend!!


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