Hi there!!!

Haven’t posted in a while! That’s usually a good sign for my life unless I’m dead. Then it’s not so good, huh. I was off work last week for Katsucon, Mardi gras, Ash Wednesday, New Year’s and my birthday. I’d go into detail, but I managed to waste time and now I only have 10 minutes left. So, I guess it’s lightning summary time?

Sat, Feb 14(aka Valentine’s day): Katsucon in National Harbor with JC. I was completely excited so no sleep the night before and then completely overwhelmed there, and then completely crashed about 2 hours in. First con in 12 years will do that to you. I knew I wouldn’t take nearly as many pictures as I would have wanted and to be honest I was a little embarrassed about taking them for some reason. Spent pretty much all our time wandering around the Artist Alley and Vendor room and racked up a ridiculous amount of money. There is great advantage to staying at the con itself…

Sun, Feb 15: Slept in and bummed around all day. Then on a whim cooked up some hu tieu xao and it was actually a success!!! I was proud.

Mon, Feb 16: After grocery shopping with my mom, headed down south in order to beat the impending snow. Was still shopping for groceries after dropping some serious cash on a fridge when it started coming down and then got a taste of non-northern VA preparedness because there wasn’t any. Beautiful to watch.

Tues, Feb 17: called to cancel Wintergreen reservation for snow tubing because wow there was a good amount of snow. Debated driving for pleasure out in it, but didn’t because there are 2 dogs at home and no one else to bail me out/take care of them if something happened to me. Dogs got to play in the snow, but it wasn’t snowball snow, sadly. Shoveled half the driveway and sidewalks. Spent whole day drawing :) Every year for Tet I draw a picture for RW. Ate huge dinner and junk food for Fat Tuesday.

Wed, Feb 18: Snow is now ice. The dogs don’t like going outside anymore and I only brought 2 show shoes for them. It is crazy cold. Shoveled other half of driveway and lamented the packed ice on the road. Gable hurt himself clamoring over ice on the road. Sister came to spend the day and night for Bday. Didn’t make it to Ash Wed mass, so read in Daily missal. Made dinner for sister (no meat day!) and spent the day playing King games and watching cartoons on Netflix.

Thurs, Feb 19: New Year’s!! Still ice. Went out with sister

***Baaah out of time!!*** This lightning is not very fast…

OK where was I? Thurs Feb 19: Chuc Mung Nam Moi!! Year of the goat/sheep, at mui. I ran downstairs that morning invigorated and started blasting Xuan music. My dogs thought I was crazy dancing around, but it’s NEW YEAR’S!!! Time to be happy!!! And I could eat meat again, so meat meat meat. Later as I was drawing again my sister and I decided to go out to eat. So we went to Wegmans to get some necessities like a cake and some veggies (and birdfood >_<) and had Cracker Barrel! I don’t think I’ve had Cracker Barrel since I left the south. Good stuff man. I ordered the frozen apple cider and hot chocolate. along with buttermilk fried chicken, broccoli and mashed potatoes. It was from the healthy menu haha. I opened my presents from her and got a GoPro, candy, a slimwaist thing. Also my scratcher from Wegmans yielded $30! Sister left after that which left me to continue drawing, and watching cartoons.

Friday, Feb 20: Happy birthday to me! My mom and brother had arrived late the night before while I slept so now I had my mama with me. Today was the day for the refrigerator delivery! My mom and brother left and I was home with the dogs for the fridge. Then it came and an hour later I had a new fridge! I was particularly proud of it because it was Clearance first, then I got 10% from that because it was floor model AND then I used my $200 on top of the 12 month financing. I was giving up my New 3ds with the $200 but with the beach coming up I need all the help I can get to pay for things. I don’t know why I do these things to myself, but at least now we can fit things in the refrigerator!!! NOw to figure out why there’s no cold water at the kitchen sink anymore…Rest of the day was relaxing. I inked the new drawing and put it into the computer. BIrthday cake (slightly melted…), mi xao don dinner, and weird candle later, happy time

Saturday, Feb 21: More snow! A good amount too. It was really pretty. Didn’t go ANYWHERE. Played some Shinobi from my brother for 3DS. Overall just a bumming kind of day. Later on that evening, shoveling to prepare for leaving the next day. More cartoons!!

Sunday, Feb 22: It was a little iffy driving in the ice/snow early, but my car can handle anything. Got back up to find 6ish inches of snow waiting for us. Neighbors all around were out shoveling, so I barreled my way into my parking spot no problem and shoveling AGAIN. And hour doing that. My mom’s little car is so much different from mine. It had the hardest time getting out of the snow/ice, but I forced it out. My car on the other hand was like, GRRRR BOOM. Easy peasy. Spent the rest of the day acclimating and bumming again. THis time, though, I had Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) get me!!!!

OUt of time again, but really Monday was only the vet visit with Gable for his shots. And slipping on ice there. Good way to end vacation. I’ve yet to even look at my financial situation because I’m afraid to.



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