33 hits today…and one from Facebook? That’s so weird. Can’t think of much on here that’s overly interesting. Just the rants, raves and randomness off a weirdo.

Did some woodwork yesterday and while our tools weren’t ideal, I made it work. Sadly, it is highly dependent on tools in general, so I hit a snag not having sandpaper. Carpentry is much like dentistry: use what you have to solve a problem and create something. Tools and concepts are very similar too. My brother has this annoying habit of not doing a project unless he has EVERY tool necessary to complete it. In other words, things don’t get done and cost significantly more than it should. I operate under the idea that if you don’t have it but can manage it anyways with what you have, get creative and make it work! There’s a limit to that, like I mentioned, but woodwork is all about creativity anyways right? RIGHT??? Probably why my turnout rate is higher than his. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for doing it the right way…I’ve had enough of my dad’s cheapo backroads methods where things aren’t done correctly and you pay in the long run. I do what I can and if it’s too much, I let the big boys deal with it. GOtta know your limits! Anyways, I’m not doing anything special, just a simple plant stand for my mom. I’m using some random wood that way lying around and this is my first official woodworking project! I’ll post pictures when I’m done.

I posted that I was able to run with the dogs the other day. It’s true. And it was splendid! I hate to admit that I’ve been unable to so that for like 2 years now, but it’s true. These days when I move around just on my bed or stepping off a curb, it doesn’t feel like I’m going to sprain my ankle or injure something. My muscles work smoothly together like it should and my balance is good (not spectacular as Wii U Fit tells me constantly, but good). My stomach flab still wobbles when i run up the stairs, but that’s a clearing-off-the-junk-around-the-exercise-bike type of thing. I jogged twice during our walk the other day and was no worse for the wear. In fact, I feel so much more upbeat and happy now! AND. I don’t crave fattening foods. Active mode!!! It reminds me of the posts I used to write back at UMW when I’d come back from the gym and say, “I feel like I could take on the world.” Because it’s true. That’s what I feel like.

And you know what else just makes me so happy? Wandering around a hardware store. I don’t know why, but I just do.

Here’s a list of things that make me plain happy:

  1. Wandering around a hardware store
  2. My dogs.
  3. Having my hair cut short
  4. Trimmed nails
  5. Intensive labor in the yard
  6. Watching the sun set and rise
  7. Being at the beach
  8. Having patients come back and they look AWESOME
  9. Playing through a song that I previously couldn’t without too many mistakes
  10. Seeing my family members happy
  11. Eating pho
  12. Eating
  13. Having other people eat my cooking and go for seconds
  14. Losing myself in a book or video game
  15. Singing in the shower
  16. Playing in the snow
  17. Walking a trail with my puppies
  18. Taking pictures
  19. Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  20. Buying things, lol
  21. The feeling I get after a good workout
  22. Making something creative with my own hands and my imagination

Wow. That list got long and fast. It’s nice to make happy lists like that sometimes. I could make a pretty long Things That Make me Mad list, too but let’s not destroy the happy feeling I have right now just yet.


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