Crafty Saturday!

In about an hour I’ll be leaving to go to the meet and greet. Hopefully by then the eggs I ate will have made it out of my system…

I’ve fallen into one of those self-pity moods where my frustrations make me drown. Hopefully it will go away soon.

In more exciting news, I did something today! Yay! Today was the day I was to free my CelluClay from the baseball helmet!  With the successful mixing with the use of a non-clearance rack pack, I had very high hopes for a good result. It took exactly a week to dry, though, so that was much longer than I intended it to take. Well, to make a long story short, I had a terrible time trying to pull the darn thing off. The last thing I wanted to do was break it apart because I had waited for so long and I really didn’t want to do it again. After about 20 minutes of chiseling, tugging, pulling, etc, I got impatient and gave in to pulling chunks off the sides. BUT I still didn’t want to destroy it! I really wanted it to work! Then I had the bright idea of sending my heat gun on it, since there was a layer of saran wrap under the clay in the hopes the that plastic would shrink away. No dice. In a last ditch effort, I actually used my brain and decided to fill the hat with water. I figured that I didn’t want the plastic to expand (which I had just done) I wanted it to shrink. I mean, it’s made of newspaper…newspaper + water = not good, right? But the plastic layer!! So I filled it with water and then threw some ice in there for good measure. Dumped it out and VOILA. The plastic shrunk and the mold popped out easy as 1+1. That’s when I kicked myself because if I had used my brain (see what happens when you’re away from school too long) from the beginning I don’t think I would have had to break as much as I did. Nonetheless, the vast majority of the piece was intact and SOLID, let me tell you! Some minor cracks where I’d tried to stronghand it, but nothing glue wouldn’t fix.




Elated, I put it on my shoulder and drew marks where I needed to cut pieces from it. Then I put together my new Dremel Flexshaft attachment to my Craftsman, aaaaand set to work on my greyhound CelluClay sculpture. haha. Spent a good 1 hour on that (so much fun btw) and then turned my attention to the shoulder piece. When I said solid, I mean completely solid!!! Crazy that newspaper can harden like that. Like super cardboard. I tried to use a cutting tip for the rotary tool, but all it did was make this horrible burning smell. It’s soooo dense and thick! I ended up having to score some lines in after poking holes with a drill and then breaking it off manually. Then it was back to smoothing off the jagged edges. I tell you it’s worse than wood!! Maybe I should have bought that rotosaw after all… Stopped finally after my legs all cramped up from sitting on the ground, but I’m feeling good!

Looking rough


Smoothed out!!

IMG_3620 IMG_3623

Next step is to get dust out of my nose    figure out how to attach it to the costume, decide if I want to put a layer of foam on top, and make the other side if it all turns out well!

Overall I am highly impressed with the CelluClay. It’s supposed to be a more environmentally friendly, less messy than papier mache, and it is! Not to mention crazy strong. It is, however, time consuming in terms of waiting for it to dry fully and difficult to cut into intended shapes.

It occurred to me that I never posted about the first time I used the CelluClay, so here are the pics for that:

Good mixing 


Not so brain-like yesss


I had some leftover so I made a greyhound



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