a billion posts in a week. Yes.

But I had to post because remember sex guy? I’ve been humoring him. Actually it’s a good weed out technique to see which guy will hang around and talk to me the longest without getting tired of me. Anyways he sent me a message (at like 2pm when I’m at work btw) saying, “you don’t write, you don’t call, lol” so I sent one back with a “it’s been what…2 days?” anyways I start complaining to him about how I was working out a bit because my body is creaky and out of shape and all I need is some self discipline (pull out the big guns here to push him away! that whiny stuff people don’t usually like to hear) because working with a workout buddy distracts me more than anything else. I have all the stuff at home so I can just do everything at home (I could hear the gears turning in his head thinking about he can inject himself as my workout buddy). Anyways he takes a while to respond and so I start talking to other people for a while. Come back 15-20 minutes later and he had responded that he’s playing the world’s tiniest violin for me and lecture jazz about life and how I need to work hard to accomplish things and that if I don’t know what I want with life that I should have fun with it until I find it. Now that I think about the latter part of that has really no bearing on the subject at hand.

Anyways, the bottom line is I responded with an “indeed” and that ended our conversation for the night. Ironically I didn’t mean to put such a long pause in there, but I’m kind of glad I did because his response was a little irritating. Writing about it now makes it less irritating, but it felt much more charged then. Instead of being supportive, he put me down a bit. While what he says rings truth, there are nicer ways of saying things and it seems petty for me to diss him just on that one response, I have enough messaging experience with other guys and friends to know that if you’re trying to “trick” me into dating him and thinking he’s a nice guy and that he’d “surprise me” he’d try harder to sound nicer. Yes I understand that sometimes they don’t know how to say it, but this is not for me. It speaks tons for his personality too.

So glad that went down last night because maybe he’ll stop messaging me now haha.


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