9 minutes….GO

This crazy cold weather makes me sleepy. I have to say that the single digit and realfeel negatives make for a wonderful night’s sleep! Not so fun for the dogs though. I’m going to buy then doggie boots, but figures the site doesn’t take Paypal, so I have to bring a credit card up to my room and have yet to do so because it’s, well, cold. There was no desire to get out of bed this morning. At all. But I knew my mom was leaving early so I went out to test for ice and to warm our cars. The dogs were a bit upset that I didn’t go very far with them, but they seemed cold and I really didn’t want to be out there. Personally, I’m a fan of snow and winter, but this is too cold for my hometown. I’ll take a blizzard over this. Seriously.

4 minutes left.

I don’t wanna go to woooooooooooooork!! Haha, the dating sites have been on hold for a while here and it’s actually liberating. I’ve been yakking with a few guys in Fbook off and on. The National Geographic Personality book my mom got me had a fact in there saying that the concept of not marrying is hereditary. In my mom’s family there is at least one person in every generation that never get married and stay single. My grandpa’s sister is a nun, my grandma’s sister isn’t married, and my mom’s brother never did either. They’re happy in their own ways living through their nieces and nephews, but it makes the pressure less so for me. With that said, I’m still looking for a companion, but it’s more fuel against society!!! wut wuuut.

Actually…more on that subject later. My laptop’s heat feels good, but now I’m all out of time. Thursday. My favorite day…….


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