Spending time down south!!!

Before it’s not all mine anymore.

It’s interesting: when I come down here on my own accord it’s all good and I don’t miss people, falling into the whole independent thing. However when I come down with others and they leave and I stay, it’s so very sad. I wonder if that’s what it feels like when people come visit you and then they all leave again. I’ll be fine tomorrow, but still.

Last night I had the worst allergic reaction to something! Hives galore and the real deal too! I thought it was the takeout we ordered, but since no one else felt anything it must have been my armchair that has had many users since Thanksgiving. Of course I don’t have my steamer with me to use. Thankfully it’s mostly gone, so maybe I can actually sleep tonight. If it persists, then it has to be my sheets. Either way I will wash bedsheets tomorrow!

Since we’re getting close to New Year’s I have to share the resolutions I have so far. And I WILL accomplish them!

1) Saving money. Like for serious. I will put all effort into saving up money like my uncle recommended.

2) Get into shape. Not like rippling muscles in-shape, but not super amazing flabby that would result in another mountain incident.

Those are the main ones, but a few side ones include trying to be more social and soulmate searching, but hopefully not too fervently. I may join a gym for a few months just to see how well or not I do.

I’ve been writing in my notebook for project aowam and it makes me happy! Yes, writing. You know, with a pencil on lined paper. It’s a lost art, let me tell you, but there’s something about physically writing out ideas that greatly trumps typing it. Actually, it helps me remember things better to write them out. I’m sure there are some sorts of studies on that.

I bought 2 items at Target today and I need to return both of them. Figures.





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