Why is it so dark

Must be cloudy! I almost didn’t get up today, because normally I don’t have to, but it’s the Monday before Christmas and our office is open. Fantastic. With school off and because it is Christmas week, 66 has never sounded softer. I can barely hear it from my room! Thinking about that concept on the walk today, it occurred to me that maybe part of the stress of living in up here is the noise pollution. People don’t think much about it, but it’s certainly there. Factor in the airport nearby too and boom there’s the noise soup for you. It’s never more evident than down south where there’s no background noise. Then that thought reminded me exactly why I didn’t want to live up here.

Short weekend, made shorter by the preparations for Thursday. It’s funny because I seem to have forgotten that I have Christmas Eve too, but then by then my sister will be here. Ah yes. So Saturday was spent as a shopping marathon run and subsequently a money-spending spectacle >_<.  Then I get home and proceed with the giftwrapping craziness. Then out with mom that night for more last minute finding that perfect gift (that they’ll probably throw aside and forget). More thinking as I was wrapping presents and I realized that I discovered the true meaning of Christmas in college when I had literally no money and yet could still manage to find presents for my friends and family. Seeing their joyous reactions (however quizzical) was better than any gift I could open. Even now, and especially now, that I make money the joy of the hunt for a great gift is the whole point of this. The desire is to see their reaction rather than wondering what I’m getting.

Sunday (yesterday) was spent on an early grocery run and followed by full-scale house cleaning!! Had to clear out the extra room for guests, clean my bathroom (oh the horror!), steamed the entire upstairs carpet (OMG the water was BLACK), and washed two rounds of dog blankets and beds coverings. That took all day and that wasn’t even the entire house. I swear, if I had to do the entire house it’d probably take 3 days. BUT the carpet feels good…kind of like it was the newer one from down south. Still, it highlights how old the carpet is and we’re thinking about putting hardwood up in the hallway and getting a quote to replace the upstairs. Argument is between hardwood and carpet in the bedrooms. What’s your take on it? Wrapped a few last minute gifts, got the stuff for work together, made dinner (for myself apparently), fed the dogs, and did my every 2-3 day exercise routine…it basically includes floor exercises, stretching, and hand-weights. I’m getting to the point where I’m finally able to sort of support an acceptable amount of my own weight, so that I can start using the leg weights and wrist weights and try pilates.

I love my steamer! And I also love that tight-muscle feeling. What a great feeling!

Never did manage to try out my sewing machine……I want to work on my Samus costume with my time off, but I have to make sure I’m away from up here the last Mon and Tues of the month since I’m not working. I have to meet up with a guy this Sunday that I agreed to meet up with, but after being friends with him on Facebook, I’m not looking forward to it. Ugh.


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