AAAAAAND more money is gone

Buying for a large family gets expensive and quick…especially if you’re the one taking the brunt of the shopping expenses.

In other news, I FINALLY UPDATED Resident Weirdo. It only took a few weeks. All of this for my 10 readers! I WILL FINISH THE STORY. In order to ensure success, I even pre-sketches some pictures and had already pre-drawn the panels. This is how to beat my own system! Yesss. Yep I guess I DO know myself and very well.

Getting 3 paychecks this month which will help with bills, but it’ll all go into my car so….funstuff. The New Year’s Resolution still stands!!

One thing I decided this morning I learned about the human brain is that as kids, our brains are sponges. It soaks up anything and everything quickly. Gathering, gathering, gathering. But it’s not until the mid-late 20’s that the brain, being less able to soak things up, analyzed gathered information and puts it to good use. Comprehending it, utilizing it. I’ve found it is SO much easier to focus these days on my tasks, and it would explain the brain’s “narrowing” when it ages. Yes, I am indeed more narrow-minded than I was in the past, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. What in the world, might you ask? I’m narrow-minded because I need it to do so in order to fully focus on the task at hand. To switch gears and become confident in what I know. Soaking like a sponge implies that there is a need to learn–that there are things that are unknown.  The next step after gathering information is to take it and use it, right? It’s not to say that I an unable to learn…the ability is just diminished as my brain changes gears.

What brought all of this up was that I’ve noticed in the past few years my piano skills have improved. Yesterday I pulled out my binder from piano class at UMW and oh yes talk about dramatic improvement in playing skills! It’s almost like my brain reads it differently. Interestingly enough, some things that were previously easy are now a little hard. It could also be that hygiene school truly DID flip my brain’s way of thinking and processing. Or it could simply be I’m older and more confident now. It’s amazing how much confidence effects the ability to play an instrument well. However, I haven’t been practicing for hours everyday or anything. I just randomly play when I feel like it (which averages about once every 2 months for an hour), and for 1.5 years there my piano literally just sat there and collected dust.

That started the ball rolling, but I’ve been meaning to make my mom a plant stand too so yesterday I cut and sanded the top portion of the wood. Woodworking is NOT in my ability list, but somehow I knew how to do it nonetheless. That’s what I mean: My brain has truly learned and learned and now it wants to do things because it wants to put it all to use. Same with FPS games, horror games.  I used to wonder why there are so many “old” instrumentalists in orchestras. For some reason it had always been imprinted in my brain that young people should be the ones doing that because they’re fresh and better at it. In fact the idea was always that young people are better at everything and old people kind of take up space. I’d never actually sat down and thought about that, you know? Maybe it’s society? Movies? I’m starting to realize that maybe “old” people do know a heckuvalot more than I originally thought even if they are no good with technology…and that some things are better with age. Instruments being one of them. It’s just that the brain works differently.

Maybe there’s a reason schooling lasts all the way through the mid 20’s…and then it’s the workforce. In part immaturity, but also just brain function.

So, gathering information, then utilization…then what? Decline? haha.

I tell you, dating a younger guy and realizing how much life he hasn’t lived yet sure makes you feel old, but it also makes you appreciate how much life you yourself have gone through…and all the experience you’ve gained.

Goodstuff, this life.


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