I helped edit my co-worker’s letter to the court system (she has some custody and legal issues with her ex) and it made me so happy! My job doesn’t require me to stretch my brain like that anymore so I was happily reminded of exactly how much I enjoy taking a piece of work and rewriting it to make it sound better. I like editing. I really do. Writing. Pulling on big words. Sounding learned–with a “ned” and not a “nd.” It always astounded me growing up how rough some people’s writing sounded and it always made me feel better to help fix it. These days my abilities have diminished greatly with the lack of formal writing assignments and book reading…as my blog writings have no doubt demonstrated.

Sigh. It used to be that I always thought I could go back to school, but the reality is, life happens and there are no guarantees. I encourage all the youth to try and get it all the first time, because trying to go back to school is tough. There is too much in the way. The sad part about that is you don’t really know what you want until later when it’s too hard to make it back to academia. At least for me. I wish I could just go to school because I want to.


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