…I did it: I told J last night that we should just be friends. It was coming to it and I just had to make it official. It would bug me to no end just to leave things hanging. And remember how I swore not to run away anymore? Well it’s not like it would be that easy for me these days! Talk about getting old. You get all…responsible. <shudder> The situation was interesting as he was the first one to text to see how I was doing and I was like, doggone it, but took advantage of his attention. Interestingly enough he admitted (without prompting, btw) that he had been less responsive because life was “chaotic.” Obnoxiously too, when I sent it back to him for input, it took a long time (this was through text, haha, how modern) for a response because his dad called in the middle of him formulating a response. I call it a sign. There will always be something interrupting our communication. And on my side, when he first texted me I was walking the dogs and then I was eating dinner, so it had to wait until then too. A sign I tell you!

At least on my part there are no hard feelings. The unreliable communication was a problem (and others highlighted by an article posted by my friend), but it wouldn’t have worked out anyways. I always saw him as a friend and nothing more. Not that it ever became anything else. Heck, I could never even say his name and have it sound right. Ever. I recounted the good experiences we had (like a good book recap, wut, haha) and told him that it really was fun. We joked a little about it. And then (a couple minutes later) he responded with a “I’ve been feeling the same way, so it seems we’re kind of on the same page .” <– direct quote. I think for me, the biggest problem with him was the age difference. I know I’ve been over this before, but it’s true. It’s amazing how much life can be lived and learned in 3 or 4 years.

So, ON TO THE NEXT ONE. Who is supposedly lined up for Sunday, snow permitting. This time (just gave him access to Facebook) he’s Korean and an auto tech. After some Fbook stalking he doesn’t seem to have a problem with saying the word “cute” at least.

OK late! And I forgot to do cards this morning sooo yeah. til next time! And the latest in the dating adventures!


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