I figure I should write a decent post

Thanksgiving was great! We hosted this year down south, inviting my grandparents, great aunt and uncle plus his dog. It was a little nerve-wracking having almost double the number we usually have, but somehow with less food than normal (more desserts, though I guess) we still managed to eat very little. The worst part about all of it was that there were very few leftovers. NOOOOOOOOOOO. It was exactly as I feared. The dogs had fun, the table was full, everyone was happy and we all left at one time. My concern about lack of entertainment was well founded, but ended up a minor inconvenience as people just kept picking at the food sitting out. The doughnuts, the cha…everything!

Black Friday this year didn’t show too many deals, but I managed to snag a few things. With reduced budget this year I couldn’t go crazy like before (how I managed to do that last year is a mystery) so I’m actually mostly done with Christmas shopping. All have been warned of less money and therefore lesser gifts!! My uncle has me focused on saving money and I wholeheartedly agree. I’m done not being able to save anything and in truth I have so many things these days it’s hard to make that decision to buy more…hence the lack of perceived good deals this Black Friday/Thursday.

You already read my relationship post earlier today, so I won’t get into that. With all the extra fat in there and inexistence of exercise recently (even reduced walkies duration due to weather!!) I don’t feel well physically. I HATE that feeling more than anything, so I broke down and did a couple minutes on the exercise bike before doing what I needed to do all along and just floor exercise. Time and time again it has proven the most effective way for me to stretch/yoga/random exercise. My Total Gym awaits me in the basement, but that’s mostly useful when I’ve outdone the floor routine and am back in on the workout schedule. If I jump right into the Total Gym after a period of absence, it just feels bad and frustrating. Right now my body is protesting, but that achy pain feels good to me. NOT the mountain ache, but this is a good ache. I always get so angry and irritated when I drive  when I am unable to support my own weight. Something as simple as a plank posture or minor abs hold that has my whole body shaking sets me off and pushes me to get back in shape. Now…how long that lasts is a different story, but like right now I feel like I’ve accomplished something. It feels good. Did some free weights too.

It does help when one of the guys I’m talking to wants to go on a trail with me sometime. I really don’t want another mountain incident and it scares me that when I was doing some moves earlier that my hamstrings and quads wanted to cramp up really badly. Gotta get off my butt!!! It’s so hard!! Carrying plants around the house helps.

Oh did I mention that we’re on a cleaning rampage in the house? I got tired of clutter so I was de-cluttering the main floor of the townhouse and it looks good.

We all always feel better when we do social things. I keep working on my mom and brother to get them out and about and to socialize. It’s so important!! And work doesn’t count. They need to do it on their own time!

haha. I already have a meetup with another guy planned for the break later on this month. Geez. Back at it?

My hair is short again THANK GOODNESS. That night I slept so well it was unbelievable. Who knew that losing hair weight can do that? IT DOES HAPPEN.


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