It’s harder to stay asleep

Haha. Most people are rejoicing and don’t get me wrong, I’ll never say no to more sleep, but it’s been harder for it to feel good since my body wants to be up with the sun. It’s good in that I can get up earlier and have more time without feeling more tired, but my body’s still messed up trying to adjust. The dogs on the other hand are making great strides in getting used to waking up later, but the evening walk has been painful for them.

WHAT DID I DO THIS WEEKEND??? NOthing much besides spending money. >_< I WAS DOING SO WELL. And then autumn/Halloween clearance happened. I got some good deals, but did I really need to buy stuff like that? NO. It’s kind of not good for the wallet, living in 2 different houses. Which gets me on about something else: why the heck are the FALL items on clearance? Fall just started!! Soon you won’t even be able to find anything for THanksgiving! I had the hardest time looking for an autumn wreath!! Finally found one at Homegoods on clearance. It’s ridiculous!! Corporate America is just getting worse, but you know who really is to blame? Consumers. My mom reports that people had already begun asking for Christmas things, and it’s true: if no one buys the Christmas stuff, they wouldn’t feel the need to get things up so early! People like to blame the companies, but consumers are just as to blame. I didn’t buy any Christmas deco, but I did get some stocking stuffers/presents.

Didn’t spend any time with J. He was supposed to go to King’s Dominion for the last weekend, but no one wanted to go because Saturday was just nasty out. Instead he said he sprung for an Xbox One and was playing that and piano all weekend. As a plus, he texted me more than he ever has this weekend. I was sort of relieved to be able to spend my own time by myself, but then I kind of miss hanging with him too. Bah. At some points there I wasn’t thinking of him at all and even talked myself into thinking that yeah if we broke it off now, no harm no foul. I wouldn’t miss him too much, and it’s true I wouldn’t, but I think there’s enough chemistry to say that I wouldn’t ever forget him and I’d always wonder how he was getting on.

Going to the other house this weekend!! WHOOO. I’m excited to dump some of the things I’ve been accumulating and since we’re most likely doing THanksgiving down there,  I’m excited to be taking stock of things. I just love it down there and while it makes me feel better when one of my siblings is there, I just have an overwhelming desire to be down there and enjoy it. Maybe it’s because it’s not a full-time residence, but I just love the peace and tranquility it brings. It’s bright, it’s open. It’s mine! The townhouse is becoming smaller, so I reallllllly have to go through my things and figure out what I can purge because constantly getting new things will not prove well in the future if no purging happens. I’m trying to get my mom to act on that too. She acknowledges it so far. Even the dogs!!! THeir mountain of toys need to be gone over and weeded. Especially since they’re getting new ones soon….

VIDEO GAMES. POKEMON Y. That’s what I’ve been doing this weekend. And some Samus costuming on Saturday. I have to redo the entire greaves section because I hated how they looked. It’s frustrating. That’s why I stopped doing it. Not to mention permanent marker fumes and acid reflux together makes me REALLLLLLY irritable.


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