THere’s a feeling of perpetual food stuck in my teeth

I’m in the dental field dammit!!! Gah. I had a dream that I had generalized mod-severe recession with sensitivity. They say if you dream of teeth you’re clenching/grinding the heck out of them. I guess that’s what night guards are for! ha ha! Ha Ha! Ha…ha… yes. I’m a bad patient.

J and I went to lunch yesterday to Chuy’s because my sister was raving about it. He wasn’t overly impressed by it, but it wasn’t bad. I tend to agree to be honest. Maybe I should have ordered the burrito or something, but my enchilada was good, though less so the crunchy taco. It’s funny, we seem to have similar views and likes. Actually I’m always surprised at how much we have in common. It’s crazy! I’ve never met anyone with so many similarities! I could feel myself shutting down out of shyness, though…he invited me to go to King’s Dominion with a bunch of his friends since this is the last weekend for it this year and while it sounds like a good idea, I didn’t want to be the boring one bringing everyone down since I”m no good with roller coasters anymore. I know they have the mazes and Halloween stuff, and I told him I’d think about it, but what sealed it for me later was that date # whatever that I still talk to (even though I told him I was taken already and just wanted to be friends) asked me to go too. That would be totally awkward to go with one or the other and see the other guy there. So no. Truth be told, I’m glad the decision was made for me because I was seriously considering going. The lunch itself went a lot faster than I thought it was going to so we were done in an hour, and I thought it would take twice as long. Nothing planned thereafter so he went to Wal-Mart and I went home. In retrospect I should have offered to go with him, but it didn’t occur to me until later so I went home and played video games and changed my windshield wipers instead. Lame. Seriously someone needs to school me on how to be a girlfriend before I lose him for good.

So I bought Bayonetta 2 and Fantasy Life which both had just come out. Bayonetta came with the original game (2 for the price of 1!!!) so I decided to play the original first and OMG when they said it was sexy, they meant it! It plays like Ninja Gaiden except much better, and goodness the fanservice, though once again not nearly as gratuitous as Ninja Gaiden or Dead or Alive. It’s more innuendo and more subtle. So far no boobage wiggling and waggling, but plenty of spread-eagle crotch shots and her love of suckers/lollipops. I will say that the storyline is CRAZY awesome, in the style of Constantine the movie, with the dark/light, heaven/hell metaphysics. It’s cool and very creative. They made the angels look almost demon-like. I LOVE this type of thing!!! Now I can’t wait to finish the first one so I can see he improvements in #2. Wow. It always amazes me to no end how they can manage to make animation or drawings so DAMN attractive. It doesn’t even matter if you’re male, female, straight, or gay. Friggin’ Japanese. LOL. Thank goodness they have an Easy mode. lol.

Also, I have picked up my Pokémon Y again after a year because the Omegas are coming out soon and I can’t believe I’m not even halfway through the game yet. Oh fun fact here, J has Pokémon X! haha. I WILL FINISH A GAME. ANY GAME. I’m so bad…I swore to myself that when I’m old an retired I can revisit all the ones I never finished. Haha. I’ll probably be blind or deaf at the point and it won’t be possible, but that’s how I justify starting and not finishing so many games!!! THe good thing about winter is that I have so much more time to catch up on things. :)

Went to the meet and greet with Gable and Liana on Saturday. It was her first one inside a store (actually her first experience inside a pet store with me altogether) and she was understandably enamored with all the yummy smells, being as food motivated as she is. I’m so glad Gable doesn’t care much for it. The experience was good for both of them and the socialization is even better with the other dogs and greyhounds. Except. It all started off very dramatically with Gable getting into a fight with another, larger greyhound. The image is burned into my mind. You forget how big these guys are until they’re literally toe to toe rearing up in a fight. They stand taller than humans no problems and the flying mouths and teeth. Poor Gable had the worse end of it with a little blood spilled on his snout and gums. Nothing major at all, but the damage was done and the other grey was kicked from the store. It surprised everyone because greyhounds tend to get along very well with each other, that’s why I never even thought something like that could happen. Gable wasn’t angry or upset or anything thereafter. In fact he was very calm and Liana kept trying to go to the perpetrator in her usual “let me make the situation better” personality. Gable was still interested in the guy too. We all hung out together for the adoption group and in the end everyone was fine with each other and it was all good. The other grey was never a racer, as it turned out. He was a pedigree oops litter dog, so it was cool to see the beautiful blue brindle coloring and the difference between pedigree vs racing hounds!! It makes more sense now that I see him, that greyhounds used to be hunting dogs. He’s larger, bigger feet, bigger chest, bigger snout and teeth/jaws. The racers are optimized for speed, so things are slimmed down. Well, overall he was a very nervous, insecure dog, explaining the flare up earlier. Even drinking water saw his tail curled between his legs. I kept pulling it out for him!! There were 2 instances where I was holding all 3 together and they all got along like they’d been friends all along. The cherry on top came when he wagged his tail upon sniffing Liana. That’s what I wanted to see!! I even ended up making friends with the owner lady and ironically later we found out that we had parked next to each other!!!

Life can be so amazing sometimes.

And it would be better if I couldn’t stop spending money.


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