Came down today to be with my sister for her bday! We went to a Japanese steakhouse. Man I haven’t been to those in a while!! Bought a plant, some grass seeds, mowed the rest of the lawn and in general did things today. Whenever I come down here I always get things done and I like it. :) Speaking of which I have some blankets I need to unload from the laundry.

I’ve been texting J a lot, but I still don’t know where the relationship stands at this point…I was telling him about my dream that he was in the other day…one part had him standing next to a guy I used to know (who is now married) and they looked so similar I told them they looked like brothers. I have to note here that they have the same name. Old J scrutinized new J, and stared daggers at him. New J puffed up and said, she’s mine now. Later I tried to ask him about “us” but he quickly ran into the train and tried to follow, but got into the wrong train car. My dreams are scary sometimes. He didn’t really react when I told him about the dream (this was online after all), but this not-knowing bit has me on edge a little. I still don’t have that storybook He’s-the-one flutter, but I’m interested. Bah. I hope he’s not just being nice. I want to hang out more with him, do other things. Being realistic, though, I’ve taken to talking to other date B. While I still only like him as a friend even if he continues to pressure for a second date and he looks better on paper, I like to keep my options open. He’s the one that’s a lot like my brother. Like J’s mind better, even if B and I seem to have a little more in common.

I don’t know!!

Gosh, I love being in this house, in this neighborhood. Today my sister and I used Liana and Gable to help lure an escaped pit/lab mix home. The owner guy was screaming at her to come back which was NOT working as she was literally afraid of him, She would flinch when he raised his voice or raised a hand. My dogs helped, but I was able to lure her to me just by utilizing all the stuff I learned from Cesar Millan plus some natural instinct. He said that she’s just 9 months old and she keeps leaping the fence like it was nothing, and he has no idea how to keep her in. I recommended obedience classes, but I knew exactly how to keep her in: Trust. She doesn’t trust them one bit so what is keeping her in? I just know there’s no way that would be the last time she’d escape. I can’t stop thinking about her face and how she would obey me, but not her owner guy. Even suggesting the obedience classes seemed to offend him a little, like he was unable to control his own dog. Give me 30 minutes with her. Gosh. It really reminded me how much I love dogs and how cool it would be to work with them…training, doggy day care….

Gable thinks he’s going to starve today. Silly boy.


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