NOthing of import except that supposedly we’re going to old rag tomorrow. Yay. BUT. It’s supposed to rain!!!!!!!! Gah. He still wishes to go I think when I expressed concerns, so I guess we’ll see.

In other news my back hurts from work. I really need to find a new job or line of work because I can’t keep this up. I feel stuck right now for some reason. My brother bought a new car and he’s really excited about it.

Gable is acting up and in my opinion he has been because  he is WAY too attached to my mom. When she’s at work or something he just will not cooperate. This morning he was just a pain and ran straight to her room after the walk. I shooed him out and he went back to steal Liana’s bed after I went into the bathroom. I had to storm out and kick him out again. That is not good. Might it finally be time to move? Haha how often have I said those exact words? Right now is bad though because there are literally no jobs. I guess I waited too long.

I talked to both of my dentists at work about the piezo but it sounds like they’re not going to do anything about it. Not having it really gets to me you know? At least I’ve hit both about it now.

I can’t wait for today to be over. I’m done for the week. Finally got all the bills paid and my resolution at least for the next 2 months is to lie low with the spending. GOTTA save money! Geez. My mom thinks I should get a temporary job on a Monday sometime.


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