Finally have internet again!

2 days. TWO DAYS. 4G was a lifesaver because it was crazy what an impact no internet had on us. I mean, checking facebook took an extra 5 seconds, same with my email. I couldn’t play my facebook games, I couldn’t update my blog, I couldn’t even update RW. Would you believe that I had to pull out a notebook and paper, play the piano and violin, sit outside eating popcorn, play my 3DS, take dog pictures, read a book and text people? Sheesh!

It’s sad to think about really…it was like not having electricity.

Now it’s all back online and to be honest I’m really glad to have been able to taken pencil to paper again, to play piano and my violin again, to read again. There really is something to controlling how much time is spent online.

This past weekend was pretty good. Saturday saw me and J meet for lunch and then wander around in the stores. I bought Smash Bros for 3DS and he got a floor mop thing which he carried around the whole time. It was funny to think back upon and he told me that he was embarrassed after the fact, but during the time neither of us thought it was weird. We played some piano that was on the streets, wandered around, talked and then planned for this coming Saturday when we’re going to Old Rag!! I have no idea where I’m going so he’s going to pick me up north and off we go. I bought a little backpack and I have my hiking shoes and I’m excited! People have said great things about the mountain and it’ll be my first time. I’ve even been talking to my patients about it.

My immediate family have been taking this date thing pretty well considering the previous apathy towards any relationships. I want to open that realm of life to them, using my sister’s marriage as a doorway. Still I am questioning myself in the long run of all of this. I am enjoying myself through these early times of happiness, controlling and squashing my natural inclination to pick and focus on the negative traits of a person. But how long can I hold out? How long can I keep that side of me at bay? I know any relationship is bound to encounter conflict and that scares me the most because I tend to turn-tail and run away at the slightest provocation. I don’t easily forget–it has always been a boon and a bane. Also, I’m not naïve enough to think that HE IS THE ONE and that this is the end all relationship. Heck, I still consider us just daters. It’s just that we have several things in common and the fact that he (I think) doesn’t really care about my overall appearance is great. Most ppl don’t tend to see past the initial me. How many times have I encountered in public people who refuse to look at me…just glances. I know they aren’t worth my time, but I see it too often. So far so good. He has never overstepped any boundaries…I am the one who initiated a hug this past weekend. He told me in the beginning that he’ll follow my lead, going my speed and that’s when I told him that I have no real experience in this anyways.

Bah. Ran out of time again. Til next time and hopefully I’ll remember my camera this time!


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