State Fair of Virginia: Success

What a great day! I’m so happy! Everything went off without a hitch and I had a great time. Besides the fact that we almost ran into the back of another car. He found my house, met my dogs (Gable is the pretty one, but everyone ends up pampering Liana because she’s such a cuddly bear), and we drove off to the fair. Met my sister and my IL-brother. Ate food (FAT FOODS. Krispy Kreme burger is GREAT btw, tho I was not a fan of the Twinx which is a deep fried twinkie with a twix inside of it, fried pickles, cheesecake on a stick, Rainbow Ice Dippin’ Dots, bloomin’ onion, kettle corn), explored vendors (J won $15 and won jack on $5 scratchers, got free stuff from VA Lottery, bought a present for my mom, touched sugar babies), wandered, played some side games (quarter machines, ring toss), looked at smelly farm animals, wandered some more. What made it so great was that I was with my sister, S, and J. In my opinion everyone got along well, and overall great. He does drive a bit scary tho…remember my car test? And my walking through a crowd test? The sad part about the driving is that I think I drive similarly…tho maybe not brake as close, but then again when I drive, I drive. We got to talk a lot in the car which was good and guess what? We weren’t even out of the fairgrounds before he asked me on another date: this time to Old Rag. LOL. I dunno, my happiness today might have had something to do with my date. :) Drove back north and here I am!



2 thoughts on “State Fair of Virginia: Success

    1. me too! I was glad it wasn’t disappointing. I would SO go back just to eat more food. haha. Also I wanted to watch a rodeo but was unable to.


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