GERD + asthma + allergies = ugh.

Today on our walkie Gable decided to growl-bark at something down the street which caused Liana to bark too. Gable NEVER barks unless it’s at me, my mom (in our house) or a fox. I stopped and looked around to see what it was that made him so upset and all I could see was a girl wearing bright pink and carrying a violin cross the road way down the way. We kept walking and he kept barking so I had to reprimand him, but the girl clearly agitated him. Maybe it was something else I couldn’t see, but still strange nonetheless! It made me wonder if he can see the pink color, or if there was something emotionally wrong with the girl, or if she was just afraid by my dogs? Or ghosts???? Oh well, I guess I’ll never know. I hope it’s nothing bad.

I’m going to try not taking GERD medicine today and see what happens. I’ll take some to work with me just in case, but it seems to have gotten somewhat better. I have to try to lose weight and eat less. Then again the Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday pretty much flushed all that effort down the drain.

Exhaustion has really taken over me lately.

In the dating world, Date #5/6 or whatever, the latest one talked to me again last night. His grandma had died so he was MIA for a while. I’m really interested in this one. I hope it works out, but I think my attraction is that I still don’t know much about him and vice versa. Similarly I’m still in close communication with another of my dates and he’s been asking me to another one. I like that since he’s my age we have many of the same memories and he’s really very quirky. This is the one that reminds me of my brother. Right now I’m more interested in the newer one, but I really enjoy talking to the brother-like one. The oldest candidate still tries to keep in contact with me too, but I don’t consider him anymore. Still it’s nice to hear from him.

Latest Interest was talking to me about my house and wanted to know why I’m not making more effort to be down there. It really spoke to me and renewed in me the subject… to be honest I’ve been avoiding it, but with the increasing stress of traffic and my overall disgruntle-ness at work, it should be considered. It’s just….my reservations are mostly job-related. I’m so afraid that I will hate any job I find, and also that being honest with myself, I really don’t want to be doing hygiene much anymore. BUT it’s the only thing that will pay me well enough, plus it’s hard to sell myself in any other capacity. MOney doesn’t mean THAT much to me, but I have bills to pay, 2 dogs and in particular, I own a house. It’s nice to have ample income. It doesn’t help when I hear that one of my classmates has defected all together  from the field. Dual income is an option, selling the house is an option and moving up here, helping to pay for a house with my mom who wants to move further west. BUT. And here’s that but again. The point is for me to get out on my own, and how can I find another property with the same sized yard (this is something I can not compromise on as I found this past weekend watching my babies run). The job prospect is MUCH better up here, and the available guy pool is better too. School would be easier to find up here and yet I yearn for the ease and freedom of the south.

I don’t know what to do.


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