Going back to work today to pick up some moola

As yesterday came to a close I came to the realization that it wasn’t a wasted day after all. I’m glad I didn’t go to work yesterday. While being the house yielded no problems, just normal readings, the moment I came in contact with the outside world it was a fiasco. Not only did it become horribly humid (at least I thought so), but my impaired oxygen obtaining functions completely stressed out my body. Couple breathing difficulties with physical exertion and I had a disaster waiting to happen. Labored breathing. Tiredness. My dogs kind of got the drift of it, so we went home and I crashed on the couch, only to soon thereafter find that my hands and overall body were trembling/shaking. Ran to get some sort of sugary liquid into my body and that quieted it down, but the difficulty breathing is the worst! I have a sample albuterol inhaler from 5 years back and even if there wasn’t much left in there, I managed to get some out and my breathing returned to normal for a short while. I can’t imagine what it would have been like at work, the old building it is, ripe with allergens in the ductwork.  I had a horrible time trying to get to sleep last night (probably in part the tea I was drinking) because I just couldn’t get the breathing right. Found some Vicks Vaporub and at some point drifted off to a highly fitful night. At least when I woke up this morning breathing wasn’t nearly as hard. It’s not 100% normal, but too horrible either. It helps that humidity has dropped tremendously.

You know what today will require: cough pills, Ricola, perhaps some Sudafed just in case.

Still no idea what it is. I’m leaning towards bad allergies, but who knows? I’ve never had it effect just my lungs like this. No normal coughing, minimal nose running, no eye itching. And I continue to burp!!


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