Gable is Roaching

Today is the first day of break for me!! WOOOOOOOT. I am spending the morning on my bed with my laptop whilst it clouds and drizzles outside. Normally I’d be heading down south, but I am planning on bringing my pups for some socializing later at a pet store with other greyhounds.

I’ve been spending money again >_<

You know, one of the things I wanted to be is a police officer. I idolize and keep them high on my list of people to respect. Even in light of all these controversies I maintain that for them. Unfortunately I think mass media is to blame for inciting mobs and outrage with information that is skewed or taken out of context or deliberately left out because they want people to react. My grandparents are pretty much glued to news channels all day. When I was living with them they would lay there and go OMG OMG OMG this is happening, how horrible. I mean, I wasn’t even paying attention, but just listening to the tone, a few snatches and glimpses made me feel perpetually on edge like the world was ending and there was just no hope! The other day I was picking them up at the hotel for my sister’s wedding and same thing! I was standing there for like 10 minutes and the TV news was exclaiming about this horrible thing after another. Sometimes I think that people just like to rebel against any sort of authority whatsoever. I remember a time when parents, grandparents, police, teachers, clergy, etc were treated with respect, but in this day and age it’s gone. Come to the dental office sometime and see for yourself. It’s a joke. I tell a kid to stop messing with something, he does it more. Mom tells them to stop, they don’t care and start running around the office. If we don’t esteem the ones chosen to help maintain the law, then who can we rely on? We attack and criticize and demand they be punished before understanding the whole story or even trying to look at things through their eyes. I mean, would you want to try to be them sometime? They are arbiters and justice, but they are still human too, and what human doesn’t feel fear in the face of conflict or staring death in the face? It’s bad enough realizing that you might not come home to your family one day, but it’s worse when you realize you have control over someone’s life and death in a split second. Then turn around and when we need them, we demand they be there to protect us.

On the flip side, I do understand that there are, well, bad cops out there. Those who really shouldn’t be out there representing those who serve and protect. Like that dentist who only cares about making as much money as possible while performing undue restorations on perfectly good teeth. Like the CEO funneling a company’s money into his retirement fund. Our policemen would do well to not abuse their power and to work to preserve life, not take it unless absolutely necessary. Integrity is so highly important here. But in my opinion it goes back to teaching our kids about respect–respect life. All of it. Not just some, not just young, not just old, all of it. All races, all colors all genders. If we don’t instill this in our youth, how can we expect them to display and utilize it when they’re adults? Respect has a long list of good resulting traits and actions. Think about it. When you’re wanting someone to do as you ask, do you think they’ll respond better if you call them names or insult them or if you ask them as the human being they are?

There are some precincts that require permission before firing a shot. But let me say this: why do we allow them to carry guns when they’re never allowed to use it? Ever. Limiting the use of deadly force severely cripples their effectiveness. Batons are pretty much useless and usually cause the accusation of “police brutality.” Don’t even consider fists. Tasers are useful but only if you can get both probes in the skin, and hope they don’t have a heart condition. My government teacher in HS was an ex-cop and ex-army and he told us police don’t shoot to kill, they shoot to stop. When an attacker is rushing you, you only have a split second to pull the trigger and protect your own life. What’s the biggest target on the human body to ensure they not kill you? The torso. Most of the time, you don’t know if they have a weapon, if there’s something on them. What are you gonna do? Let them stab you to death? Kill you? Paralyze you?

Bah. I’m done venting. I can’t believe this all came off of something from Facebook. Now I’m sleepy.

Sorry, I honestly didn’t think this would turn out like this. OK, so tomorrow has me travelling south, grandparents, trips, seeing my sister, planting things and hopefully relaxing. And maybe losing weight. LOL. Too many fried things recently. And also cooling the spending spree. RELAX. That’s important because when I come back to work it’s going to be INSANE. traffic. school. crazy life starts again. I don’t want to give up my awesome traffic!

My desire to find Mr. Right is continuing to grow, as well as my wish for him to be Asian like me. I had a dream last night about flirting with some guys because a bunch of young people like me were eating pho in a store. Good gosh. I have never dreamed about anything like that. Hopefully the next entry will be much happier. :)


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