A little more time here. The overview I did last night is accurate, but I figure I’d add some pics to make it more interesting since I haven’t posted pics in while.




^ aaand these two up there are of my foot/ankle bites. Sorry my feet are rather unattractive (feet in general are in my opinion) and my phone camera is crap.



^and these two are of my smoothing job on Project Samus plus more Paperclay. If you don’t remember what it used to look like, the helmet was much more angular, but I am satisfied by the smoothing job now. The only issue to deal with is how to make it even smoother….

Liana has shown more evidence suggesting that at some point someone has mistreated her. They stress heavily when you adopt a greyhound that you CANNOT leave them outside. Their lack of fat and fur make it so that they overheat very quickly. She doesn’t like being outside for long because she thinks we’ll leave her out there. Her ability to deal with hot broths leads us to believe that someone in the past had left her a bowl of water (metal) in the hot sun and she had to test to make sure it wasn’t boiling. She also quickly retreats to shade if she thinks we’re going to be outside long. If I pretend to whap her on the head with a stick, she’s not as terrified as before, but she’s still not convinced I’m not trying to hurt her. I accidentally kicked her going out to the hallway in the dark, and she was just so horribly afraid that I was upset with her, but never makes a sound. When I’m making food she stands at the edge of the kitchen looking pitiful as if I might not feed her. And of course there’s always the large missing patch of fur on her side that caused me the ire of the vet. This may not seem too horrible like a true case of abuse, but it’s still mistreatment, especially when you consider Gable: Mr. Golden Prince-ling. Whoever took care of him loved the heck out of the guy. Compared to Liana he is completely naïve. He’s food picky! He loves being outside, has no way of knowing how to deal with hot broths besides burning his tongue and looking up at me to fix it, lies there in the burning sun on a bed (just learned about lying in the shade from Liana), when I pretend to whap him on the head with a stick he thinks I’m trying to play with him and wants to grab it from my hands instead. If I so much as step on a claw wrong he’s like, ARF!!! He is utterly and wholly trusting and has no inkling that I, or anyone would EVER try to hurt him. He just doesn’t consider it.

I’m glad that she has made great strides towards improvement after being with us these past 7 months. If I can help it she will never leave us.

Why is it that without fail there is something weird that bites me EVERY YEAR. No stingrays this year, but chiggers. CHIGGERS. I’ve run and rolled around barefoot in grass my entire life, tromped through wilderness everywhere and it wasn’t until THIS YEAR that I get them. WTH. What next??


2 thoughts on “OK

  1. Where you running barefoot outside a lot?
    I breaks my heart when animals are mistreated. Unfortunately, they carry that memory with them for the rest of their lives no matter how much love you give them.


    1. I used to run outside on the lawn as a kid. Actually I like to run outside barefoot down south too! But they are most likely from wandering the national parks and walking the dogs and saving the turtle. Yeah…my goal is to give her a good present and future.


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