Lots of attention!

Goodness gracious!

This week has been rather flying and chill. I hope now that I’ve said that the day won’t boil over. Either way I get paid and that is utterly necessary considering the amount of money I need to pay for these bills. Normally I take care of them quickly, but unexpected cost has sent it spiraling out of control. *coughLianacough*

But yesterday! Geez! So I’m coming home in unusually thick traffic for the summer (no doubt everyone was getting ready to leave for school/vacation. Be careful if you’re travelling this weekend!) and same old same old get the dogs out for a walk while thinking about dinner that I have to make. We’re wandering and judging by the people obstacles, I choose a particular path to walk home through a copse of trees. I look down and see what looks like a mushroom. I step over it, not wanting to hit it with my stride and stop because that’s no mushroom! It’s a turtle! Hiding poorly under a single branch of dead leaves. It’s big!! Normally I’d leave nature alone, but I look around and find to my dismay that there is NO where for it to hide beside the puny branch. Thank you HOA. So I pick it up and start trying to think of a place to put it. I wander in the direction I’m thinking with it hiding in its shell, then I realize that the water is surrounded by a fence. No go. Then I head home, thinking that I can put it in the little barrier of trees behind our townhouse line, but there’s no water there! So I bring it home and try to put it in a box but it climbs straight out of that while I’m looking on my phone for a suitable habitat for what I’ve come to realize is a box turtle. Unfortunately all I’m getting are “home habitats for your pet eastern box turtle” which is NOT what I want. The lightbulb pings in my head after taking a few pictures of it, and I search in vain for a suitable container to transport it in. Sadly there is NOTHING, so I find a reusable bag and put it in there, load up the bike and to the chagrin of Gable set off. Halfway there I realize that a swinging bag is not a good place for a turtle, so I sling the bag on my shoulder but a wetness dripping on my leg alerts me to turtle pee. >_< Finally I make it clumsily (don’t wear scrubs while riding a bike…) to a manmade lake (those dumb things that are supposed to be a replacement marsh…) with tons of foliage and hiding place around it. Set the wet turtle down and say goodbye. I then had the bright idea of taking the long way home on the bike because it would be good exercise. Not a bright idea. My quadriceps were cramping up a storm by the time I got home.

Posted the pictures on Fbook, cooked dinner (shake and bake chicken bites having been marinated in pickle juice for 3 days straight fried in oil!!!! It tasted a tad like Chick-fil-a nuggets, then I got enthusiastic and tried to bread and fry broccoli and a dumpling) and then my cousin called me! I hadn’t talked to him in such a long time it was surprising but good to speak with him again. We’ve been trying to meet up but it really hasn’t worked out. One of these days! Same exact story with the last guy I’m trying to meet up with. Watch some COPs and then get on the computer to find that my Fbook has exploded with messages. Mostly about turtles but one about a hygiene job. Wuuuut. I will have to call about that on Monday. IM’s start popping up everywhere! People I’ve not talked to in a while, some I have. I can’t believe how much attention a turtle can garner! It was really nice to hear from and talk to so many people again.

I learned just earlier this morning from my mom that in Asian cultures, finding a turtle is good luck. It’s better if it comes to your house, but it’s still a good thing. :) That would be nice to have some luck. I’m sure it’s not lottery luck.

I’m looking forward to the weekend and the Vietnamese festival I’m going to with my relatives on Sunday. 

Here’s to happy times and hopefully goodluck! 


One thought on “Lots of attention!

  1. I was wondering where that turtle came from! It kind of reminds me how my aunt and uncle get lots of attention from neighbors after getting a dog.


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