I am so sad.

My patient today’s husband is the general who was killed in Afghanistan. That’s 4 deaths in our workplace this year. She’s just my patient that I’ve only seen one other time, but I really like her and I was so unbelievably sad today. This is the curse of being able to take on people’s emotions…it hits me so hard it can become overwhelming. She was very strong (turns out she was a military officer herself), much moreso than I could ever be, but I could feel the immense pain within her. She told me that he was supposed to have come home today.

I’m so sad for her and her family…I had waves of goosebumps for the rest of the day. I’m glad she was so strong because I would have lost it if she hadn’t been. I told her how brave and strong she was to have come to the her appointment today, and she told me that he would have wanted her to keep going.

This whole death thing is making me better at comforting people….it makes me scared that I’ll have to use it soon…

To keep myself from crying during her appointment I prayed the whole time I scaled. Geez. Can you believe she ended up asking me about my summer? I think she didn’t want me to be sad and also wanted to hear something happy. Maybe I was supposed to learn something from this experience…


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