Back to work x_x

Blah. I talked to a new guy last night for such a long time. Its the first guy so far that I haven’t exchanged messages first before IM, but the way eharmony works makes it hard to message. He’s def not the kind of guy I’m looking for (naïve, gullible…he said so himself! and impulsive!) but somehow I ended up spilling my guts to him. >_< He said that it’s his personality and that other people seem to do the same thing. For someone who prides herself on being able to guard myself against mental attacks, his complete opposite personality really threw me off there! Either that or I’m getting more comfortable with talking to all these guys. For sure I’m noticing a stronger push out the door when I talk to new guys…it even translates into real life if the wedding was any indication. I know that once I meet someone in person my personality tends to win out, but it’s the same with job interviews: get me in the chair and I KNOW that you’ll like me.

Speaking of jobs….

So I got an email from my uncle after the whole dogsitting thing. I had trimmed his nails and scaled his teeth, kept him, fed him, gave him toys, put up with his craziness, trained him, exercised him…my uncle was impressed. You normally can’t even get a sentence from him email-wise but he wrote 2 paragraphs! He told me that I missed my calling and should be working with animals instead of people. It made me smile and laugh out loud because I would LOVE right now to go back to school and get a degree in vet tech. It just wouldn’t work with the mortgage and bills situation… I’d have to stop working and I’ll have to take out a loan that would cover both school and the mortgage and bills. It would normally be OK if I was going to school to come out with a higher pay grade to cover all of it, but I wouldn’t. There’s no way to make it work! I really would not like to be in any more debt, thankyou. My mortgage and patio loan is ridiculous and I hate it already. I couldn’t fathom any more debt.

If I won any money I would put it right to paying off the freakin’ patio and then try to refinance the house to make the mortgage more affordable which would then allow me to do what I’d like to do. Makes you want to have a dual income…

A girl can dream.


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