Back to the regular posts!

Because we’re back on schedule with everything.

So what happened this weekend? I travelled with my babies down south to pick up the left behind items. Originally I had planned to stay the night, but after finally finishing Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360), on a whim I drove back north…and then remembered why I don’t normally do that: aggressive drivers! I put my own aggressive helmet on, and went at it, but ideally I don’t have to do that…hence the travelling in the early morning preference. Came back and ate dinner. Spent Sunday playing Mass Effect 3 (Wii U) after catching up with cutting/trimming photos in the photo album, and shopping for dog food and gas. Took forever!! So packed it up for another day. Sound like Mordin. Yes I do.  >_< Oh yeah, talked to sister on Saturday night. What did I do last night? …ummm ah, I sketched an RW post and watched Flipping the Block on HGTV, since Brother Vs. Brother is over. Went to sleep. Today morning had me on a whim clean out the pantry (it’s an annual thing…) and fridge, then it was upstairs to scan in and color some RW posts. Annnnd here we are! It’s 11:30 now, so I’d say that I made good progress today with accomplishing things.

What’s in store for the rest of the day? Depends on how obsessed I am with Mass Effect right now. #2 was soooo good, but I’m not feeling the same attraction to 3. I’d still love to finish it, but I almost think the incredible increase in graphics quality had a hand in making it less obsess-able. To me, there’s a fine line between realistic graphics and too realistic. I like knowing that it is truly fiction. Call me old, but I enjoy the quality of graphics that Mass Effect 2 has to offer more than 3. Otherwise I can work on Project Samus which I haven’t touched since before the wedding. Before finishing #2 and in the throes of obsession, I was like, DUDE I should do a Shepard cosplay!! Then I looked online and there are so many, so now I’m not inspired to do it at all.  OH well. MY next project is learning how to sew. That will open up the doors for me in all sorts of ways! BUT I have to try and finish what I’ve started here because I a have a tendency to jump on other things and forget what I’ve done already. Likewise, I realllllly need to finish all these 3DS games I haven’t yet!!!

Liana just rolled over. What a cutie. Can you believe it has only been 6 months since I got her? I am utterly in disbelief that anyone can consider hurting her or not keeping her. Yes, she had the separation anxiety thing, but look, 6 months in and we haven’t had any horrible incidents since the first 3 months. She and Gable are totally buddy-buddy now especially after giving back the Doberman. Very often do I see them lying next too each other, touching, whereas before they’d be happy being apart from each other. And it goes both ways! Gable’s warmed up tremendously to her. I still can’t believe he’ll let us move him a little more these days… I stand firm: it stops here. She’s home now.



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