…I need to leave the house to get them used to me leaving during the day as well as to get gas but 1) I overloaded on cheese and ice cream so now my stomach is busy cleansing, and 2) The way they keep sighing at me and my music and game noises, I think they’d prefer if I wasn’t here during the day after all. LOL.

Here are pictures of dogs roaching. The Dobie doesn’t know how, so he curls up instead.

WP_20140721_004 WP_20140721_007 WP_20140721_009 WP_20140723_001

Now to either play more on the compy, or draw or play Mass Effect…I’d like to be outside working, but it’s like 100 degrees and humid, so no. Also I’d like to go to Lowe’s and buy soil, but no more spending money!!!


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